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Google Blocks Ads? Disturbing…

angry-cat-2.jpgAccording to Mashable, Google may be blocking ads.  What? I mean… wait, what?  Google should tread lightly- they say that the Republican ad campaign against the MoveOn site violates Google policy, yet MoveOn ads do not.  In fairness, my argument may be in vain- MoveOn may have requested removal for trademark violation which is a deal breaker, but even so-  regardless of my political affiliation, this just doesn’t smell right.

That said, how many of us place Google ads?  If someone at Google closely follows real estate blogs and finds a sword duel between two bloggers, do they arbitrarily take a side and suddenly block the ads belonging to the dueler they disagree with? 

Not only is Big Brother acting unfairly, they are damaging their business.  It seems to me that Google should steer clear of taking sides because it could severely hurt their bottom line.  Google is invincible today, but if the entire world decides that their gestapo style political selection process of advertisers won’t fly, they may be moving to a lower rent building for their headquarters.

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