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Don’t feel badly, traditional brokers- even FRENCH people hate Stahl

Nicolas Sarkosy ditches The StahlFor those of you not up to speed, the 10 second version of why we can’t stand Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes dates back a few months to a grossly slanted piece that amounted to Stahl’s stacking the story to “prove” that traditional real estate brokerages are stupid swindlers even if they discount and turned the article into a free PR piece for Redfin (the west coast based “revolutionary” rebate real estate firm).

Then, take it back a few more years to the “Axis of Weasel” comprised of the French government officials… ringing a bell?  Freedom fries, anyone?  That said, French President Nicolas Sarkozy agreed hesitantly to an interview with Stahl and after only minutes of the “stupid interview” (his words, not mine), he cut the interview off by removing his earpiece and half-assedly shaking her hand goodbye.

So, for all of you traditional brokers (or discounters who had thunder stolen by Stahl’s Redfin ad), don’t feel badly- even FRENCH people can’t stomach Stahl.  I’m seriously feeling pro-France… imagine that!

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