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Twittering on a wing and a prayer

I Twitter. Therefore I am? Twitter appeals to me, although I’m wondering if that makes me a Twit. It seems so Web 2.0 lite. Blogging has weight. Facebook, LinkedIn, they have some business attire to them. Twitter is just casual Friday, isn’t it?

I’m not an expert Twit. I still need to learn all the little nuances like the tinyurl and how to reference another Twitter account, but I’m not caring about that at the moment. Right now I am simply trying to remember to Twitter and in order to be an interesting Twit you have to leave it open and just Twitter away. I Twitter on about the minutiae of life and work, but I also post my blog urls. That’s where the tinyurl comes in handy, since each Twit is limited to 140 characters. This being Bloodhound, I’ll anticipate your question- does it bring you leads? Goggle has picked up my Twittering for a keyword of some sort and pointed someone to my home blog, so, in other words, no leads. What’s the point, I hear you asking.

There’s this movie that I adore, “Wings of Desire“. If you are not familiar with it, two angels hover among Berliners. We watch the angels watch the humans, and the angels can hear human thoughts, so we get to hear what other people are thinking. One angel decides he no longer wants to watch, he wants to participate in life- as he says “At last to guess, instead of always knowing. To be able to say “ah” and “oh” and “hey” instead of “yea” and “amen.” This is one of those movies that people seem to love or hate- it’s not for everyone. My husband, Jamie, for example, can’t stand it. To him it ranks high on the list of most boring movies he’s ever seen, and my guess is that to him, Twitter would be the same.

You have the opportunity “follow” the twits of other people, and that’s where Twitter gets interesting, or really boring depending on your point of view. Twitter asks “What are you doing?” but it could ask “What are you thinking?” It’s like being an angel and listening in on the thoughts of others. I’m following some people I “know” and some people I randomly found, and lots of news sources. There are a few other Realtors thrown in there, I’m watching them because I’m curious how other real estate agents are using Twitter. No leads, no one in my town Twits, at least no one I know of. My kids don’t Twit, what’s the point? I think you have be genuinely interested in other people to get the most out of Twitter. You have really want to engage in sharing the tiny details of what makes you you, and you must be curious about what makes someone else, someone else, otherwise, it’s just a lot of babble. Well, yes it already is a lot of babble, but if you don’t give a damn about anyone else’s babble, then it’s just pointless.

What Twitter really does for me is makes me want to find out more about people, and really engage with people, like the anegl in Wings of Desire. By following other Twitterers, I’m quickly introduced to still more Twitterers. And what are these people doing? Well, I just found out that Google is launching a social networking platform. Both TechCrunch and the New York Times reported it at the same time, and they both showed up on my Twitter page with links to the articles you see. But this is quite amazing: Just now, as I right this, I’m checking my Twitter and this is from San Francisco Realtor Andy Kaufman: “earthquake nice shaker in the mission/noe”. An earthquake! A check here confirms that Andy was Twittering in real time about an earthquake. Think about that. I hope all is well.

Now, just this very moment, with that one fragment of a thought, the connectedness of Twitter is clear to me. I should have been checking Twitter during the San Diego fires. That type of immediate connectedness and engagement is powerful in a way that email, Facebook, or blogging isn’t. Social networking between thousands of people in real time- that is the beauty of Web 2.0, and that’s why I’m fascinated with Twitter.

Besides, Jesus is Twittering, also.

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