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Rethinking absolutely everything in real estate . . .

Jim Cronin is on the verge of something big at The Real Estate Tomato. So is, Eileen Tefft at Rain City Guide, working from a completely different direction. anticipates the demise of the MLS system within months, which seems unlikely to me. But: It remains: These are exciting times to be in real estate. In another post, The Real Estate Tomato solicits testimony on blogging success. I think the best success of real estate weblogging is in this unfiltered, unimpeded exchange of new, better ideas. I come to this banquet every day with my nickel, sometimes just four scuffed pennies. I leave every day stuffed to the gills from a millionaire’s feast. Everything after that is — you guessed it — dessert…

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    1. [...] Watch out when Greg’s talking about rethinking everything. [...]

    2. Allan August 29th, 2006 9:09 pm

      Hi Greg:

      Like you I look forward to expanding my horizons by listening to the free (and often the clear) thinkers on the web. I think you do a great service to your readers. I know I enjoy reading your musings.

      As far the comment I made that the MLS going away in a few months, I guess I am guilty of the same thing the national media are. I took what was largely a regional observation (several regions, actually, that I’m aware of) and generalized it into a national comment. My bad.

      I think in retrospect I would rephrase my comment to say that the MLS as we know it today is going away. In some areas that will happen sooner, in some later. But it will happen. But I believe it will happen in an evolutionary way, not a revolutionary way.

      The MLS offers much more than property listings, such as key boxes, broker-agent agreements, etc., etc. That part is unlikely to ever go away. But the separation of agent listings from FSBO’s and the uniqueness of agent access will definitely change. In some places it already has. In others it is. In some it may be awhile. But the evolution of the way we do business will march onward, changes and all.

      That’s what I had in mind with my comment.

      Thanks for doing a great job on your blog and for providing a great service to the rest of us who read your work.


    3. Greg Swann August 29th, 2006 9:41 pm

      > As far the comment I made that the MLS going away in a few months, I guess I am guilty of the same thing the national media are.

      Check. I’m cavilling more than contradicting. Nothing happens as fast as we expect it to — and then we look up and suddenly everything’s changed.

      I keep meaning to talk about MLS disintermediation, if only because the would-be supplanters out there so far are so weak by comparison. Even ignoring every political factor, an MLS listing is so much more robust than anything else — and that robustness is frequently so local — that I don’t see it being pushed aside soon.

      I love pressreal. However this show turns out, we’ve got great seats!