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Bloodhound Blog Remains Open. What Would Beth Ask?

Bombastic blogger, Kevin Tomlinson, knows how to rile up the crowds. Most of you met Kevin through the Project Blogger competition, hosted by Kevin never disappoints. He made the dramatic statement that he believed…

Bloodhound Blog would be shut down by Friday.

Kevin’s not mean, he just likes a little controversy.

I thought I’d try to practice the WWDGD principle and attempt to get meaningful input from the crowd. I expected to be baited by the irrelevant but chose to ignore them; this conversation is too important for the practitioners. Scroll through the comment thread and you’ll see where Kevin’s broker, Beth Butler, started to go into a state of curiosity rather than remain in a state of judgment.

WWBA (What would Beth Butler Ask?). Russell Shaw swears by surveys so I thought I’d try that approach. Here’s our first installment of WWBA:

For Glenn Kelmann:

1- I think I would ask how his business model changes if :

A. The offer of compensation in the MLS is substantially changed?

B. If IDX is no longer available

2- If the market turns downward, what plans does Redfin have for longevity in a down market… say where mls data shows an overall decrease in the number sales of 50-60% like it has here in the South Florida market?

For Russell Shaw:

1. How is his team organized?

2. How has he used his internet presence to improve his business? Specifically, has he changed or is he planning to change his website? Who does he rely upon for technical support and direction?

3. I understand that Phoenix is having some of the same market challenges as Florida, how has he changed his operations to adjust?

4. With regard to his marketing, what percentage of his marketing budget goes to advertising properties? himself and his brand?

5. Number of listings he expects to carry to obtain 2000 sides? What percentage of his inventory does he sell himself?

6. How does he overcome the objection from sellers with regard to the amount of time he has to devote to their individual listing? or does he deal with institutional sellers?

7. What are his expectations of his brokerage and their part in helping him achieve his goals?

Thanks, Beth, for the first installment of WWBA. It is my hope that Glenn and Russell give you a taste but leave the meat and potatoes for the UNCHAINED conference. I hope all the readers will continue the conversation because we are all Beth Butler, in one way or another.

PS- Beth, if you’re reading, I suggest that you start by clicking the link, about Russell, in the 4th paragraph, to start your journey. Certainly, listen to his podcasts (on the sidebar).

Again, Beth, thank you for the great questions. I expect WWBA to define much of May’s conference.

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    8 Comments so far

    1. Kevin Tomlinson February 23rd, 2008 12:09 am

      Man, you guys are still around. No shrinking violets here! Beth is ONE SMART CHICK.

      My post was created in the spirit of Greg/Brian, and it worked like a charm. Good times.

      I’m a google-pandering, bombastic blogger.

      Good luck with UNCHAINED.

    2. Brian Brady February 23rd, 2008 12:11 am

      “Good luck with UNCHAINED.”

      Thanks, Kev. That post rocked.

    3. Kevin Tomlinson February 23rd, 2008 12:13 am

      I learned from the best!

    4. Sean Purcell February 23rd, 2008 1:30 am

      Great post Brian – you can make lemonade out of just about anything.

      I would have only two questions for Russell Shaw:
      1. Way back when, before he was RUSSELL SHAW: mega agent. When he was just plain Russell Shaw: stuggling new agent; what was his motivation? What got him up early and kept him up late? What was his driving PASSION and does he still feel it today?

      2. If a new agent came into his office and said, “Mr. Shaw, I can and will do anything you recommend for the next six months, but after that I need to be earning.” What would he recommend? What is the Russell Shaw, six month program to good habits and great success?

      I heard again today how brillian Russell Shaw is… I can not wait to hear him at Unchained.

    5. Chris Heath February 23rd, 2008 2:08 am

      Good luck with Unchained,nice to see your still around.

    6. Ann Cummings February 23rd, 2008 5:41 am

      I had a sneaky suspicion that Friday wouldn’t be THE day, even with all that popcorn and Diet Coke we were consuming over there……

    7. Beth Butler February 23rd, 2008 8:15 am

      Brian… what a surprise! Thank you for continuing the conversation. I am all about asking questions, is it always interesting where that takes me. Learning is much more interesting than mud slinging…but then that is just me. Ask me to question anytime.

    8. Jay February 23rd, 2008 7:08 pm

      I can’t wait to buy the CDs from the unchained conference. it’s just blocks from my high school alma matter and some great memories. But with a baby due a few days earlier I’ll be missing out on finally meeting my blogging heroes. Some day though….

      And I can’t wait to hear answers to those questions being posed to Shaw.