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Don’t hang Vlad Zablotskyy out to dry: Making a donation to his legal defense fund is what matters most right now

Here’s what doesn’t matter:

Here’s what matters:

Of the money Vlad Zablotskyy has had to spend so far on legal fees, three-fourths of every dollar has come out of his own pocket.

It doesn’t matter who says what about whom. It doesn’t matter if this issue draws more attention up the food chain. It doesn’t matter if people write posts or post the donation button.

But it does matter if you hang Vlad Zablotskyy out to dry.

I don’t know if the cause is cowardliness or cliquishness or simply cluelessness, but I have been all but completely dismayed by the response of the to this vicious attack on one of our own. A few principled people stepped up to the plate right away — last week, but also in the months leading up to last week. A far greater number have ignored the issue, with the result that Vlad has found more vocal champions outside the real estate weblogging world.

How sad for us that Vlad is willing to stand as a martyr for our right to speak as we choose, and we can’t even be bothered to make a donation in his defense — much less stand up on our own two legs and cry havoc — not even when we’re offered choice bribes for doing so!

We’re alone right now, you and I, just words on phosphors silently invading your mind. I don’t care if you’re a coward, or if you’re clique-ridden or clueless. It suits me fine to think that you’ve been distracted, and you’ve been meaning all week to make a donation. That’s perfectly wonderful. Make it now.

Support Vlad Zablotskyy’s Defense Fund
Defend your own right to free speech!

Why? Because that’s what matters most right now.

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