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How Do You Take Your Blog From a Sloppy Joe to a Decadent and Delightful Dish?

Before I get started, I just want to take a second and say Hi to everyone!  I am honored to be part of this amazing group and I chomping at the bits to get off of Puppy Chow.

PBII Could not have been at a better time.  I have been frustrated with my Blog for quite a while and just a few days before it was announced I had decided that to make the jump over to a site. It is currenlty on Quickblog through GoDaddy and the theme for that is definitely NOT like Burger King.  If it’s not the template, it ain’t happenin’. Where as on WP, it’s more like your way, right away.

Turning Houston Green is the site that I am referring to and the content focuses on Green Residential Real Estate for what’s happening in the Houston area.  It is quite unique in that for such a specific niche, there really is nothing else out there unless you hop through several pages of Google.  I have started to notice recently that although it is getting decent traffic, folks are not even making to the page they need to be on.

Apparently what I have is a Sloppy Joe with a side of French Fries.

Although I’m seeing a sitemap in the near future to help, the question I would like to pose is what is the most important thing to keep in mind when organizing the site?  Should you focus solely on Categories and Tags, or with WP should it be pages?  What makes it clean and crisp?

Now that I have my theme up, my biggest task now is making it in to a Delightful dish that will keep consumers coming back for more.  In my case I believe it is in the design, like an unorganized file.  You can be number one on every search engine imaginable but a ‘User Un-Friendly‘ site will just push folks away.  Many would rather have the convenience of McDonald’s than to have a 30 minute wait for Fine Dining. As far as the ease of use for my readers I’m aiming for the convenience of fast food, yet the taste of a Fine Wine.

And, looks like I get to figure out how to do pictures here too.  :)

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