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WordPress Plugins- Like Shopping at WalMart

Have you ever gone to the store and found odds and ends of things that you just can’t live without?  How about a tape measure for $2, set of plates for $10, etc.-and then get home and wonder where the heck you are going to put all of it?

That is kind of where I am while looking through WordPress Plugins.  I feel like I have found the Mother Load of Clearance racks.

Here are the ones that are grabbing my attention with a big red tag on them.  Are you using any of these?  What’s your opinion on them and are some of them a waste of space?

  • Events Calendar- This would be pretty neat for Open Houses, Conferences, Local Happenings on a local blog
  • Subscribe2- Since not everyone is techie enough to read through a feeder, being able to subscribe through email
  • SMS Text Message- Allows people to subscribe via SMS TXT
  • Better Blogroll- The theme I chose does not have a blogroll that you can add links to..and I want one
  • HB Social Bookmarks-  I like the top of mind approach
  • All in One SEO-  Yeah, well…

By now you know that with Project Bloodhound II one of the goals is to keep my site clean and crisp, so I am wondering exactly which Plugins to use and not clutter up my ‘cabinet space’.  I want to be conservative now because as the site continues to grow, there will always be more.  If you have found a kickin’ Plugin that is not in my shopping cart, I’d love to hear about it!

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