There’s always something to howl about

How I avoided deleting 23 different cliches for an introduction by taking the easy road and just saying Happy Birthday.

Allow me to further the B-day round of toasts at Bloodhound by introducing my relationship to these very pages.

It is with great pleasure that I’m allowed to share thoughts on the pages on Bloodhound.  You see, I have been a long time reader of the posts that put thought to action in Real Estate the way no other blog does.  My interest go back to turning to the web to try and find clues to help with marketing as a newb to Real Estate.  The requisite “Realtor type” mags et al did not cut it for me from the begininng.  Already finding success with buying and selling merchandise, reading the Times, and do I dare say dating through the web, I knew that at least trying to leverage the power of my trusty notebook to crush the competition was worth looking into.  What I found at the time were plenty of shiny buttons to poke at and play with.  I must have bookmarked upwards of 500+ pages of plans, actions, and helpful hints on RE I thought might be of interest.

When it came down to it, the one thing that mattered is what I found on the blog pages of the Real Esate community.  No one did it better than those here that howled.  Aside from shadowing my broker as he wheeled his vehicle throughout the hills of SF and walked and talked the business, reading  and getting involved in the discussions that take place on these very pages are what motivated me to win.  The creative thinking and ideas that we come up with when we are challenged to the fullest is what gives birth to opportunity.   The contributors that currently write here and have passed through have given me giant shoulders to stand on.  They are passionate entrepreneurs of the new medium of Real Estate technology.  We are still far into the early days of blogging, and we know how slow our industry has been to keep up.

With all that said, I personally know my way pretty well when it comes to all things social media and the like except for this one area — blogging.  I have been avid commenter, part time contributor to the and personal Tumblelog keeper at best, so creating my own business blog should be a good challenge.  I made it a point to step forward when the idea of project bloodhound was mentioned.   The seems like a great opportunity to learn in a group environment and pay it forward to those passively following along  as I once did.  Bravo bloodhounds!  Thanks for caring about the better business of Real Estate for the past couple of years and let’s make this project one to write another book about  (or at least push the old one out of beta).

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