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Look who’s talking!

The Arizona Republic wants you to know that, “Little lies lead to big trouble”:

Because once truth becomes malleable, once lies become facts and facts become lies, then we make ourselves suckers for every con man, every flimflam artist, every propagandist whose schemes may range from petty theft to the takeover of an entire body politic.

You see, if we’re not careful, we could end up with a newspaper that actively campaigns for insane boondoggles, that puts an openly lying socialist on its business and editorial pages, that distorts the positions of anyone daring to oppose it.

This is a free country – for now. The Republic has every right to campaign for every possible form of idiotic, liberty-devouring 19th century social planning. It has every right to be the cesspit of tendentious corruption it has become. The press is free, so it even has the right to pretend to a virtue it has long since forsaken by decrying in others the persitent deception it has long since habituated – most especially on its editorial pages.

But it has no right to expect anyone to take it seriously…

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    1. Thomas Johnson April 23rd, 2007 11:39 pm

      Hey-When did Phoenix steal the Houston Chronicle? Our paper lies just like your paper and because we’re in Texas, all our boondoggles for the shiny people have at least 3 more zero’s on their prices!