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Front Seat to History

Whether or not you approved of the bailout, you have to count yourself lucky to be witnessing an historic event.  Take a good, hard look at what is unfolding before us.  One elected official after another said they could not vote for this legislation because their constituents back home were not in favor of it and would vote them out of office.  As a matter of fact, this was part of an openly discussed game plan yesterday before the vote:

Both parties were also scouring the political map to identify lawmakers who face little or no opposition for re-election in November, knowing they would be more willing to vote yes. New York Times News Service

Think about that again.   They wanted to vote for it, but the people they represented were overwhelmingly against it and would have thrown them out for approving the bill.  How often does anything of REAL importance happen this close to an election?  This is so close to election time that the legislators are accountable for their votes.  Imagine that!  And they are scared.  They can not do their politics as usual because they don’t have time so spin it.  This is a magical time to witness: politicians acting out of accountability rather than self-interest.  Were that it was always true…

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