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Active Rain + Trulia = ?

Before everyone goes off on me here, let me state CLEARLY that I have no confirmed knowledge of the two joining forces. No marriage license, no paparazzi photo of one proposing to the other. No formal announcement arriving in the mail. So is there a wedding? Shacking up?

Who knows…only the two people involved.

I have no “scoop” here…but enquiring minds want to know. ;-)

Jon Karlen reported some interesting happenings here. That was a while ago. So AR is looking to pick up MLS feeds.

Then a thread popped up a couple of days ago at Real Estate Webmasters here.

Read the links in there on Active Rain as well. You will see what’s making people think that at a BARE minimum, there’s some reason to believe that something is going on.

From my vantage point, I can see benefits to both entities if they were to tie the knot, shack up, or form some kind of alliance, either publicly or just a backseat (so to speak) sort of thing. From their point of view it would be great. They are certainly each primping themselves for the date described in the REW post.

From a REALTORS vantage point, and from those who have written content for months and years on AR or Trulia, would this be a good thing? My guess is the REALTOR community would say a resounding NO. From an Search Engine perspective, I’d agree. Big time.

Two questions. To AR & T execs: Are you in talks? To REALTORS: Does it matter to you?

I have far more questions than answers, and I think it will be interesting to see it play out…

More (if) as this develops.

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