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No One On The Corner Has Swagger Like Us: A Game Plan For Twitter, and Comments on the RE.NET.

Twitter is mostly useless.  Mostly.  For Realtors, it quickly descends into an online echo chamber of people telling one another how great they are, and how they’d never cold call…and oddly, how much their business is down, and how many people screwed them out of something.  What a drag.  Realtors, PLEASE.  Support each other, don’t spread the misery.

Twitter is mostly useless.  Most Realtors are also mostly  useless, so A would follow  B.  Now, I’ve been on the record saying twitter is mostly useless.  I do it anyway.  This will get mumbling idiots crying, “HypoTwit” as if it was the worst sin I can commit.  Whatever, I’m here to win.  Think whatcho like.  I intend to continue, and I intend to sift through the useless BS and make the most out of Twitter.  I intend to make $25,000 on Twitter in the next 65 days.    Any Realtor could, so could any mortgage broker, or any of us revolting ‘vendors.’

The plan is untested and I know it will work.  Watch:

1.) Add people in my area/field.   For a Realtor® it’ll be people in the area.   A chorus of other Realtors® thinking they are cool does nothing for their AMEX bill, and creates a false sense of efficacy.  Cut through that.

2. Have an auto responder. is.  I’m genuinely interested in people, so I invite them to send me their best blog post.  I’m going to something better soon, but you get the gist.  (follow me, I’m @genuinechris).

3.  Hat tip to the mighty Brian Brady.  Pick up the phone.  I get 6-9 adds a day.  About 3 are Internet marketing douchebags that offer no value.  About 4-6 are worthwhile people in various stages of Social media development and proficiency.   These are the people I’m going to call. Hi, thanks for adding me on Twitter, is there anything–anything–I can do for you right now?  Think of me when you….

4. Add EVERYONE into Heap.  Connect on LinkedIn/FaceBook (and MySpace, while it still lasts).  Fill in the puzzle, try to get ‘em everywhere else, and get some type of  newsletter out.  Call ‘em on a regular (six months) basis.  Connect people with others that stand out, help whenever I can.  My $$ will follow, and easily.  And, I’ve gotten a new batch of folks to call, to help, and to work with.

ANYONE, Realtor®, Mortgage Guy, Vendor, whatever can use this strategy.  It WILL work, and the phone call will get you noticed, retweeted.  Oh, sure, some people might be taken aback.  Some folks might reject me.  But it won’t happen that often, and people will feel way more connected to me.  And if I get 20-25 real people a day?  Fine, great.  I can write down how I can help in HEAP.

Once you have a big pile, rate the people A-D:

a- people you have done business with or respect.
b- people that you haven’t done business with, but would like to.
c- people that you know little about/can’t recall.
d- people you avoid like the plague (anyone who lies to me, even a little, goes on this list).

Create an appropriate follow up plan.

If you average 1 valid add a business day, and call that add each time, you’ll have ~255 new contacts per year.  And if you get a deal for every 50 contacts…

…that’s how to use Twitter.

I’ll post my 2 month results at the end of March.  And if you add @genuinechris, you can expect a call.

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