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Tweet Us Better Mr. Liniger! — When In The World Is RE/MAX International?

Woe is me. I’m feeling rejected, ignored, and well, sorta “LOST.” Where and “When” the heck In the World  is RE/MAX International?….



Here’s the thing. I’ve controlled “Twitter.Com/remax” for over a year now and I still haven’t received one email from somebody at International asking me to forfeit the identity. I expected they’d shut me down due to a corporate policy that stipulates I’m not allowed to use the RE/MAX name online.

I remember that when I grabbed the handle on a lark I was thinking, “well with the popularity of this Twitter thing (whatever it is) I’m sure mother RE/MAX will be in touch soon to snag or perhaps even buy it away by grandfathering me in as a 100 percenter or something”.  Wishful thinking. Nothing happened and I forgot I even owned the identity.

So when I recently noticed I’d been picking up “followers” out of the blue, I decided to lob a few tweets as an experiment of sorts to see what the reaction might be.  I posted mostly recruiting and company website plugs for the RE/MAX I’m currently at, and picked up 70 or so more followers over the span of a few weeks.  But still, no response from the Big Balloon.

The only thanks I got for my effort was my new broker calling a few weeks ago to ask why I had porn on the site.  I guess I’d accidentally followed or reciprocated on a follow request from a Philly area escort service, and a colleague of ours pointed it out to him. I apologized and zapped the pretty lady off of the profile, and that was that.  (At least I think…)

Anyway, I don’t know why, but this thing has really been on my mind a lot lately for some reason. Isn’t Twitter a big enough deal that someone at RE/MAX, maybe even one of my recent RE/MAX colleague followers would have dimed me out to the appropriate department in Denver?  I mean, I think I sorta deserve something for my efforts. Maybe at least rebuke from International for using the corporate name in vain?

You see, I  want to know that the huge flying orb I’ve aligned my career with is hip to all this game changing web 2.0 stuff. And I think RE/MAX Associates wordwide are certainly free to have some doubts about the company’s committment to technology with how badly the super well intentioned but grossly unusable “Lead Street” back-end has been ignored over the past few years?

(RE/MAX friends, please feel free to show your support for this last statement by listing your beefs with the LeadStreet “CRM” in the comments here.)

That said, even if we grant that LeadStreet is really ENeighborhoods’s fault, there’s still this failure to set a good example and at least pretend to adopt this social media stuff!  If RE/MAX doesn’t have or doesn’t feel the need for a social media manager, it’s all good.  (I guess Greg probably approves .)  But I still think they should set an example for their 100k + associates worldwide and at least hook up a respectable Twitter presence. It’d really cost virtually nothing in time or resources.

I mean, come on y’all! Even Twitter.Com/Weichert has 900 or so followers on on 37 tweets.  Yeah, Remax brethren. Yellow-Ass, Balloonless Weichert is hip… and we’re not! (Ok, I guess maybe we shouldn’t feel too bad.  Thriving competitors like Sotheby’s, Era, Coldwell Banker, and C21 are all also missing corporate twitter profiles from what I can tell…)

I guess maybe I’m going a bit long here and could probably cut off my first post as a pup with that last little rip, but man this is just too much fun!

So here’s just a little more…

Open letter to “The Man”

Dear Dave,

I mean… Mr. Liniger Sir,

(I really do think you’re the man despite the ribbing above…)

Allow me to lend a helping hand.

Let me show you how RE/MAX International can spend almost nothing and help its franchisees recruit hundreds, maybe thousands of nervous Realogy-heads while spurring on a modest, though profitable spike in traffic to corporate web projects like

Step 1. Smack me down and claim Twitter.Com/REMAX. It’s yours–email me for the password, login, and take control. I’m too nervous to really use it anyway.

Step 2. Tie the “Dave’s Blogstreet” feed to your new Twitter Profile using a service like  For better or worse, more syndication will make you more famous (as I’m guessing I’m about to find out firsthand.)

Step 3.  Every morning have your secretary tweet this: “JoinRemax.Com. We Cool, and We Ain’t Got Bankruptcy Rumors”.  Thousands of nervous realogy Twitterers will find the controversial link.  I’m guessing a good number will happily jump on the balloon after realizing they’ve spent years being pimped out for ridiculously low commission splits.

Step 4. Tweet something weekly like: “Psst.  Peep RemaxBeta.Com. What do you think? Pretty hot eh?” Even use proper English if you’d like. Just be sure to link back to a RE/MAX Web entity early and often. The resulting traffic from promoting RE/MAX related sites will eventually translate to a bunch of 1% blips for international. Trust me, this stuff just works.  And the bigger you are, the more profitable 140 characters a day is likely to become.

Step 5. And now that you’re having fun, please forget about Twitter. It’s primarily a time waster for most of us, and really isn’t worth any more of your attention. Dare I even say you can delegate the tweets to a pretty Denver twit (  Instead, buy a ticket to Phoenix and head to Unchained for the good stuff in late April. We’ll all be psyched to meet you there.  You’ll be an honored guest amongst this merry band of bawldguys, wanna-be vendorsluts, and  hacker bloodhounds!

(Man that was a whole lotta fun! Thanks Greg, for the opportunity…)

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    23 Comments so far

    1. Teri Lussier February 23rd, 2009 1:23 pm

      >Man that was a whole lotta fun!

      A whole lotta fun to read too.

      Out of the park, first at bat! :-)

    2. Thomas Johnson February 23rd, 2009 1:28 pm

      Wow! What a prelude! Kind of like beginning the 1812 Overture with the cannons. No bag of hot air here!

      Welcome to the kennel, Ryan.

    3. Greg Swann February 23rd, 2009 1:45 pm

      Totally killed, as I knew you would. Bravo!

    4. Jessica Horton February 23rd, 2009 1:52 pm

      Good luck. I had control of forever – I just let it go on my own.

    5. Brian Brady February 23rd, 2009 2:04 pm

      World F-n Champion Material

    6. Jessica Horton February 23rd, 2009 2:08 pm

      P.S. This was a beautiful thing to read. I made many of the same arguments about truly embracing technology at Broker/Owner Training in Denver.

      I wish you the best of luck – RE/MAX is a great company, but I was before my time for the good ole boys in Georgia.

    7. Nicki February 23rd, 2009 3:03 pm

      AMEN! Nice first post, and it’s great to see RE/MAX getting some representation here at the Bloodhound Blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    8. Jeff Brown February 23rd, 2009 3:31 pm

      Can’t wait to hear the ReMax response. Stellar first effort, Ryan. Welcome aboard.

    9. Eric Blackwell February 23rd, 2009 4:56 pm


      Awesome post. Great to have you in the pound.

      @ “Yeah, Remax brethren. Yellow-Ass, Balloonless Weichert is hip… and we’re not!”

      Yikes! (grin) ROFL

      As one of the other REMAXers around, I second your call for the C-suite at RE/MAX to play ball in the web world a bit more.

      Dave Liniger, Margaret Kelly, and the rest of them are (in fact) fun people (want me to prove it? email me… I DARE ya – hehe.) and I think they could and should bust off the corporate exterior with little online exposure.

      And yes, the CMS needs help. I think it got a BIG boost with CampaignsPLUS…are you guys using that. Much better than before.

      Looking forward to more like this for years to come. Great to have you here.


    10. Matthew Hardy February 23rd, 2009 5:54 pm

      > I guess I’d accidentally followed… a Philly area escort service

      Now THAT’S funny as hell.

    11. Geno Petro February 23rd, 2009 7:21 pm

      Totally enjoyed. Welcome.

    12. Tom Vanderwell February 23rd, 2009 7:47 pm


      Hat’s off to you. Well said.

      Greg – the only complaint is not inviting him sooner!


    13. David Harris February 23rd, 2009 8:23 pm

      Thanks for you post. I am looking forward to “following” your future posts as well. Feel free to drop me a line with any ideas, questions, comments you may have going forward. Me and my team will always have an open ear for you.

      David Harris

    14. Jesse D. Moore February 23rd, 2009 8:24 pm

      Couldn’t agree more. Of course, that’s why I left the balloon a year ago. I found technology I loved, took it to RE/Max Intl, and they said it would take about a year to get it implemented. Thankfully I found a company that doesn’t believe the internet is a passing fad.

    15. Rebecca Levinson February 23rd, 2009 8:42 pm

      Loved that. Been wondering about RE/MAX International…always thought Dave was da bomb…but I see 2.0 presence nowhere to be found.

    16. jay seville February 23rd, 2009 9:06 pm

      This is great writing from a re/maxer….Oops. pardon me. That’s RE/MAX. An inside joke.

      I bet Liniger would laugh at this. Lead Street has always been a joke. I was sent 2 leads in 2 years versus the 400 registrations from past 3 weeks.

      My hypothesis is that the reason RE/MAX isn’t in to offering a bunch of web 2.0 solutions to their associates is that the associates that tend to flock to the hyper rugged individualist business model of RE/MAX and its 95-100% splits are not the type of consultants who want to depend on anything handed to them by the co. for anything. Most of us like having TOTAL independence and thrive on it. The only thing I have/use from RE/MAX is my efax #.

      In most markets you’ll find RE/MAX associates very competitive in web 2.0 and search engine rankings on their own because they are not in RE to do a panzy 6 deals a year but 15, 20 and 40 and 50+ deals a year. They are in RE to win/dominate as are those who open their own brokerages. To me the open my own brokerages scenario is not attractive because I despise admin/bureaucracy.

      I just want to hunt…and howl baby!

      p.s. If you’re any good at RE why give away your commission?

    17. James Boyer February 23rd, 2009 10:01 pm

      It was a kick butt first post. I agree that RE/MAX may be a little behind the times on Twitter, but then again I don’t use or get what the big deal is for a individual Realtor.

      Social networking is getting bigger though, my god my mother friended me on Facebook today. I did not even know she new what it was, and here she has a full profile.

    18. Ryan Hartman February 24th, 2009 6:27 am

      Thanks everyone for the kind reception…(Holy crap, Geno Petro enjoyed my post!)

      David – Thanks, and sorry if the eneighborhoods dig was unfair. I’m guessing the client is probably more to blame for not pushing you guys to deliver something all their agents could benefit from.

      Jay – I agree with your point about “hyper-rugged indivualists” not wanting to depend on handouts. But man, why start something like the LeadStreet back end and not make it something franchisees could recruit to. I’ve wasted thousands (not kidding) in search of the perfect idx/crm marriage and LeadStreet is actually the closest I’ve ever found. Just imagine how powerful a recruiting/retention tool it could be if it was ever-evolving, 2.0, and at least sorta usable. How much money is being wasted world-wide by RE/MAX associates on cut-rate crms and idx solutions?

      Dear Dave Again,

      Tell the Hyper-Ruggeds you’ve worked out a way to save them another grand or 2 a year on crm/idx and you’ll have them (and a lot of folks they sit accross the settlement table with) for life! Who knows, perhaps even triple-hyper-rugged Greg could be lured into opening “RE/MAX Bloodhound Realty?”

      Still a huge opportunity here for Denver, and it really won’t cost too much if David Harris is serious about his comments above…

      Thanks again everyone…

    19. jay seville February 24th, 2009 7:29 am

      Ryan, you’re right Lead Street having tons of potential and it was all for naught but I suppose it’s never too late. With RE/MAX getting so much traffic ( there was a lot of wasted potential and it could have been an awesome recruiting tool.

      I’m getting ready to ditch Market Leader as my new website with REW –real estate webmasters–has a beyond incredible CRM. But you pay for it. It’s tied directly into IDX and keeps track of all listings viewed by visitors so you can create saved searches for them. In fact if they view 20 listings in detail there is an auto generated search created for them if the variables are telling enough on the searches. Endless groups and drip campaigns possible with email histories, visits in relation to last week or month or today, properties viewed/saved, etc. It’s the best I’ve ever seen….But it’s hard to explain here.

      I was exploring options and this was part of discussion I had with them:

      “The ability to segment Leads for targeting is always a good idea.

      Multiple groups is one way and the other would be to build a tool that would create a “profile” on each Lead based on search habits. This is could be a small to medium sized project, maybe 5 to 10 hours of programming. You would have the ability to use a page in the Lead Manager to set criteria for segmenting Leads prior to sending out a blast e-mail. These “criteria” would be items such as price min, price max, city, subdivision/neighbourhood, bed min, bed max, bath min, bath max, etc. The Lead “profile” would have to be living, and by this I mean the site would constantly update the Lead profile each and every time a search was carried out.

      *Might also be nice to have an option to view a report of these segmented Leads… which could be done by clicking on a link.

      Let me know what you think.”

      However maybe HEAP will prove amazing. However tying into an IDX rocks.

      I’d give my left pinky if something like HEAP would sync with blackberry. I despise the Outlook beast with a passion!

      RE/MAX has lost a great opportunity to be a leader as a brokerage. Instead its agents have assumed the leadership at the local level which sort of goes along w/ its philosophy I suppose–every man for himself 100%. Or maybe that 95% now haha for newbies.


    20. Ryan Hartman February 24th, 2009 8:14 am

      Yeah Jay,

      I’m totally with you on REW. I’ve got a quote from them sitting on my broker’s desk as we speak :)

    21. Ryan Hartman February 24th, 2009 8:32 am

      Hey Now! The RE/MAX back end, REMAX.Net, has a post up from yesterday about their presence on Social media networks.

      In fact, I was surprised to see that they’ve been quietly tweeting on since 12.23.08.

      Sorry guys for not noticing this sooner.

      According to the post, you can also find RE/MAX on:





      Come to think of it, I’ve been swiping commercials off of the youtube profile for about a year now, so I guess it wasn’t totally fair of me to imply that the balloon’s totally blind to this stuff. Here’s to hoping Twitter/REMaxIntl and the facebook page are lit up with followers/friends in the near and far futures…

    22. David Harris February 24th, 2009 2:34 pm


      We at eNeighborhoods are definitely serious about addressing our customers’ needs. I received an email about a second post you created, and apparently deleted, that had this snippet:

      “RE/MAX hasn’t responded to the post but a few guys from Eneighborhoods took the time to ask me for some elaboration on my beefs with LeadStreet. It was
      really cool [...]”

      So I assume you have spoken with our team and have had a chance to share your ideas?


    23. alan February 26th, 2009 4:23 pm

      I am ryan’s broker/owner. I am excited about having him in my organization. It seems that he has impressed many on this site like he has amazed many people in my company.

      Thanks ryan,