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I may soon be the weakest link at BloodhoundBlog, but I’ll always be the strongest linker . . .

Cathleen Collins, Richard Riccelli and Jeff Brown: I’m hopelessly out-classed three times in one day. And we’re adding another first-class real estate weblogger tomorrow. Nothing for it but to turn outward to the vast riches of the Here’s some stuff that has caught my eye:

Would you like to know my secret shame? My own mother is a Luddite. Every year we talk about getting her a Macintosh with broadband for Christmas, and every year we put it off another year. All she really needs is email and the web — and she has a natural motivation in the form of a burgeoning herd of grandchildren. But she will not hear of it. Programming her VCR is as far up the technology ladder as she is willing to climb. So this little gizmo, cited on TechCrunch, is actually of interest to me. My mom has never forgiven us for ditching the film cameras — double prints! — and it’s a rare day when I think to print out and snail-mail digital photos. This might be just the thing…

Kris Berg is back, and in top form. Make time to savor her writing.

Oops! BusinessWeek says property values are up, this per’s Q3 Zindices and other sources. Who knows if it’s true or not, and I have no ability to weigh any but the most local evidence. But the article does highlight the essential weakness of measuring market activity by median prices.

Todd Tarson sends thoughtful notes in our general direction. In the second link he is raving about Richard Riccelli’s single-property web site for his own home in Boston, which raves I heartily endorse. This is a gorgeous expression of the single-property web site idea. Be sure to take a look at how it is put together.

Russ Cofano at Realty Objectives on a ruling an NAR motion to dismiss the DOJ anti-trust suit:

So what does this mean? As I said earlier, I believe this case will go to trial unless the parties reach compromise. NAR has been, to date, staunch in its belief that it will not settle this case if settlement means a compromise of its core values as to how an MLS should be run. The risk, as implicitly stated by Judge Filip, is that the DOJ may win and if it does, the NAR may have to live with government involvement with MLS in ways never imagined.

Oh. Great…

Doug Quance at Broker’s First Realty has a raucous and horrifying story about a closing gone wrong.

Another horrifying story, this one from Christine Forgione at NY Houses 4 Sale. Also: All I want for Christmas is my…House Sold!

Will we need title agencies to warrant free and clear ownership of domain names? InmanBlog visits a Brave New World.

Seth on how to get referrals.

Pat Kitano at holds out hope for the dinosaurs of the mainstream media. My bet: About as fast and with as many upheavals as AT&T learned to compete for business.

Finally, Stephen Jagger at Ubertor fingered this Craig’s List ad:

Online real estate broker Redfin is looking to hire a few good part-time bloggers to check out open houses in your neighborhood and write up what you think.[....]


* Love of real estate: you have to be a bloodhound for good deals[....]

Bad news, cowbirds: Bloodhound when used in a real estate context is a registered service mark…

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