There’s always something to howl about

The perfect client/vendor relationship . . .

“Tell you what, I’ll focus on keeping my clients incredibly informed. You focus on keeping yours in the dark. See you at the finish line.” — Mike Simonsen, Altos Research Real Estate Insights

Breathtaking sanity — and they’re coming to Phoenix!

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    1. [...] Sometime last November I came across the Altos Resarch website on the Bloodhoundblog and was fascinated by the depth of analysis possible with their reports. By the same token, I was disappointed that the reports were not yet available in the Phoenix Metro area. Impatiently I contacted Michael Simonsen to find out if and when the data would be available for the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Michael promptly returned my email letting me know that they were not quite ready yet since they just started to aggregate data for their reports. [...]