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Do Loan Originators “See” The Opportunity?

If you thought REALTORs were behind the learning curve in Web 2.0, you should see the lenders

If you’re a loan originator, reading this article, congratulations.  There are some 300,000 working loan originators today and I’m guessing that about 1% of us are actively using social media.  Certainly, the REALTORs are way ahead of us but even they have room for growth.  If the participatory web is the future of commercial communication, this gives loan originators a tremendous opportunity to “stop buying donuts” and start teaching the close to 900,000 real estate agents, who don’t get it, how to succeed.

Remember when you started in the business?  The most successful loan originator told you to “beat the streets and talk to agents”.  Today, beating the streets requires nimble fingers rather than worn-out shoe leather because…


Here’s the idea; teach the unwired agents how to get connected.  They’ll love you for it.  In the past four months, I’ve:

If I market to 100 real estate agents, consistently, I close 100 purchase loans annually.  In California, that’s a pretty good living (even after I pay out my team members).  See where I’m going with this?


What’s the matter?  You don’t feel confident enough to instruct the unwired agents about how to use social media?  Forget the folks here; they get it.  Certainly you’ll want to establish and nourish relationships here but the REAL opportunity lies in the other 90%- the unwired agents.  You already know more than they do…BUT…

I’ll tell you how to learn even MORE so that you’re potent; an expert of sorts.

Come to the BloodhoundBlog Unchained University of Online Marketing, in Phoenix, at the end of April:

Who should come to BloodhoundBlog Unchained in Phoenix? If it’s part of your job to attract and convert new business, we have what you need. On BloodhoundBlog, we talk a lot about Social Media Marketing, but in our own businesses, we work with Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Direct Marketing and good old-fashioned belly-to-belly sales. We also work directly with internet-based tools from PHP to RSS to CSS — acronym soup.

Three days of intensive learning about the world of online marketing in real estate- that will make you an experts of sorts.  Spend the rest of the year giving talks, webinars, and office meetings, and you’ll have your 100 agents by Labor Day.  Oh!  You might learn a thing or two to help your business, too.

Ask Scott Schang, of Porchlight Mortgage about the value of this conference:

I consistently utilize online webinars, youtube videos and constant contact which creates a perpetual cycle of automated action items that convert contact into clients.

My product is really education and expertise. Through my internet “presence” I am perceived (rightfully so I would hope) as an expert in my field. I think there’s also a familiarity you develop by being so easily accessible on SM sites.

I have also met many professionals like yourself that have helped me to grow and become more innovative and creative through these on-line relationships.

I have built working referral relationships with many other professionals and I believe that my social media reputation helps to facilitate these relationships.

Bloodhound Unchained in Phoenix last year was really the launching point for my confidence to take more chances with my commitment to social media and I realized that I was far from alone in my search for enlightenment.

Scott attended the first ever BloodhoundBlog Unchained.  Since then, you can find him in the SERPS for “California Teachers Loans“; Google considers him more relevant than CalSTRS itself.  Scott doesn’t stop with the SERPS, though.  He usues webinars, video, and classes to ge the word out and meet agents.  He started implementing his plan within weeks of attending Unchained.

Look at what Kevin Sandridge learned at Unchained.  Using, he’s able to include his content on two Florida REALTORs weblogs and benefits from multiple backlinks.  He learned more than just the “geeky” stuff, too:

I had the pleasure of sitting with Brian, Sean Purcell, Teri Lussier, and Chris Brown for lunch at Denny’s during the recent Bloodhound Unchained Orlando 2008 Extravaganza.  As I munched on my Club Sandwich (and it was oh so tasty), Brian relayed the importance of putting yourself out there when you write a blog post – to stand for something – have a something to say – and let it rip!  I have to say, I’m still trying to find that “voice” in my own posts – but Brian did hit here, folks.  Love it or hate it, you’re forced to do one or the other.  In fact, I dare you to read the post in its entirety and not have a firm opinion one way or the other.

These two guys are connecting with potential referral partners and ADDING VALUE.  They learned a lot of what they’re teaching at BloodhoundBlog Unchained…now, you can, too!

We often expose bad vendors on BloodhoundBlog and catch a helluva lot of heat for it.  The cream always rises to the top, though.  Top of Mind Networks, President, Mark Green hosted me for a 45 minute social media marketing webinar.  When I was finished he said:

I am attending Unchained Phoenix and am paying full price for my education.  In other words, there’s no good buddy discount at work here and I’m going because I want to take my business to the next level.  There are only 75 total seats available – that’s it (minus mine, so make that 74).  If you thought this 45 minute webinar was compelling, try immersing yourself in this stuff for 2 straight days.  Think you’ll be able to blow away a realtor with this knowledge?  You bet your sweet bippy you will.

You bet your sweet bippy you will…pretty cool.  So, what’s the plan?

First, come read about the three-day event.  We’re only offering 75 seats MAX and close to 50 are already gone.  The tuition is only $697 for the full three day event.

That’s about one third of a loan commission.  Reserve your spot today.

PS:  Still unconvinced that attending BloodhoundBlog Unchained won’t  help you learn how to teach the unwired REALTOR to get connected and snag you a referral partner for life?  Call me at (858)-777-9751 and let me tell you a few war stories.  Actually, I’ll knock off 100 bucks, right here, right now…just for reading this


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