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Can a Little Mr. Roboto & Some Video Kill The SEO Star?

Chris Johnson reached out to me last week by sending over a custom css file he had laying around for the totally uncustomized Thesis theme I had rolling on my personal site. I thanked him for the hand and did a little tweaking. Then he busted on me again a few days later for ignoring some really basic SEO rules o’ thumb. This time figured I’d save my reaction for BHB…

Why didn’t I waste any effort makin’ pretty or SEO ing PropertunityKnocks.Com?

The answer is really pretty simple: I’d spent the previous year or so working to generate leads via the web on another site by writing like crazy, looking for links, and doing crazy stuff with rss based plugins, but now I had a few secret weapons that were making lead generation a lot simpler.

Here’s what they were.

One of these. (A Pink One..Don’t Ask)
And this.
And of course…this and this.
And most most importantly, This!. (Credit where credit is due.)

And I used them twice a week, without fail, for a month or so. Consistently. Mondays and Thursday’s @ 9am, Mr. Roboto style.

The result? Leads. Lots of em. Warm inbound phone calls with questions about the “Propertunities” I’d featured. Plenty to sustain me with a comfortable income and eventual repeat investor business for years to come. (The videos were all of REO listings.)

But as is my usual MO I eventually got distracted, took another job, and gave up the Roboto video routine. And something weird but not totally unexpected happened. Even though I’d stopped taking videos and hijacking craigs list traffic, I was still getting phone calls weeks and now months later…”

So when Chris reached out with some friendly criticism it seemed like the right time to stop ignoring PKnocks and get it going again.

But do you think I went a little overboard?

Could it be that PropertunityKnocks.Com is now a national real estate video blog?

Take a look and tell me what you think. If you wanna join the fun, let me know and I’ll set you up with a page for your area and maybe give you access to feature some of your listings on the home page.

Or, maybe you think this is a flawed idea somehow? Maybe it’s wrong to pull in all that content generated by others, even if Youtube does allow public “sharing”?

I don’t know…

Please let me know…
By the way: I was going to call this post “Video Killed The SEO Star but figured it couldn’t be totally original. So when I g’d it, here’s what turned up on Zurbed.

…And the fun video from that post. Ironic and telling in the end that my text based search is what turned this up?

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