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Wanna Piss Off The Succeed with Online Sales Letters

I forgot how much I love Copyblogger.  Greg Swann is echoing its posts on a scene in the sidebar.  I just clicked over to the one which explains that the death of ugly long-copy is overexaggerated.  That article links to an article that asks “Is Your Tribe Holding You Down?”  When you read about “the Cool Kids”, does it remind you of the  A few wealthy tech guys and a whole lotta bloggers with a real estate license, pontificating about how consumers “might” behave.

Then there’s the “IM crowd” who remind me a whole bunch of the BHBU grads.  Speaking of which, where are all the BHBU graduates lately? I think I know the answer to that because I’ve talked to a lot of them on the phone.  The BHBU grads are JUST like the “IM” crowd Copyblogger talks about; they’re hella busy.

If  you’re all worked up, you can skip the rest of this rant and yell at me.  Otherwise, keep reading

THIS burns my ass- agents and originators marketing the way the “cool kids” tell them to rather than doing what they KNOW works.

Take a look at this.

EEEEWWWWWWWW” says the (usually over on ActiveRain).

Okay…but what about this?  This agent is using long copy techniques in a her video.   Is what she is doing much different than this?

Check this! This Unchained graduate is  inviting people to register for free homebuyer education courses (and building a HUGE opt-in database).  If you think he’s a genius, he’s not.  He ripped a page from the Dan Kennedy playbook.  (Scott will admit that, too- ask him in a few weeks at Unchained)

Here’s another example of ugly marketing.  I don’t know how many agents have told me that they have inventory problems.  Could you turn to CraigsList to find properties, that aren’t listed,  for your buyers?  Before you criticize the messenger, consider the message.  Few agents reverse prospect for home buyers.  While we talk about single property websites, nobody is discussing single-buyer websites.   Think old-school cover letters, accompanied with offers, to tug at the heartstrings of hard-hearted sellers…on the internet.

Which is more important to you:  popularity with the cool kids or bankable results?   If bankable results are the goal, then you might consider how to improve your copy to “sell” on landing pages in addition to “educating” on blogs.  Now the “cool kids” might suggest that an ugly,  long copy sales letter violates the spirit of the interactive web.

Don’t you listen to a word they say.

Still here?  Good.  I think you’ll qualify for the Lambo one day.  Proceed.

The best thing about online marketing is that your message can be segregated yet inextricably linked (for SEO purposes).  You can be “selling” a white paper on one landing page while “educating” consumers on a blog post and both could be part of the same domain.  I had this conversation with Sean Purcell last fall.  Each blog post is like a landing page or a door to your site.  You can attract some consumers through one door and other consumers through a separate one.  The goal is to get them inside.

Try some ugly, sales-letter, long-copy landing pages as doors.  You might lose some of the “cool kids” as friends but you wouldn’t have been able to fit them in your new Lambo, anyway.

PS:  Here’s an example of a Bloodhound who made a killing with an ugly landing page (and he saved a few lives in the process).

PPS:  Here’s another Bloodhound, not in the real estate industry, who could teach you (and me) a whole lot about writing persuasive copy (on and off of the web).  Look at his examples, subscribe to his blog, and read every word he writes.

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