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BoodhoundBlog.TV – Channeling a Video Model For Large Brokers

Using the Tubepress plugin’s shortcode paremeters it’s easy to create a bunch of different video galleries within one wordpress install. I’ve been calling these different pages “galleries” because it sounds fancy, but maybe for BloodhoundBlog.TV we can call them Channels?

In order to have any of your videos show up on a channel, all you’ll need to do is use a “secret tag” when you upload the video to youtube.

I’ve tweaked up a special sidebar so that all channels will flow into the sidebar as links when created using some wordpress list_pages fun. I’ll spare everyone the nitty gritty technical details here and maybe save some of the code snippets for a later post, but I want to mention that this is all being set up within one wordpress install for a reason — Because I think following a similar configuration could be useful to any broker who’d like to create a TV station within his/her blog.

For example, a Mega Monster Multi Contributor Broker Blog could included the following channels, all with videos created and emailed from phones by agents.

  • Weekly Market Updates
  • New Listings
  • Neighborhood Driving Tours
  • Area Restaurants
  • Area Parks
  • Agent Interviews
  • Scenes From Settlement

You get the idea? Consider how sticky your broker site be if all visitors were confronted with a series of 2-5 minute videos created by your team of agents. How likely would these visitors be to “subscribe to receive all new videos? Combine this with open registration on a solid idx integration, and I think any broker with the stones to encourage (pay for) agent generated video content could quickly increase market share in any market.

But oops… sorry for the digress into how this stuff might actually be applied to make some coin. :)

Back To BloodhoundBlog.Tv

Obviously even though the technology behind the thing is the same, we’re going to need a different set of channels for BloodhoundBlog.TV.

So, I’ve gone ahead and created a “CRM” channel which I’m hoping will soon include various under the hood peeks at CRM systems geared toward Realtors. CRM’s a dirty little geeky obsession that I think I share with a lot of folks around here, so maybe it’s a good place to start?

Can you think of some others? I’m hoping y’all won’t mind using the comment section here to make your own areas of interest known by suggesting some channels for BloodhoundBlog.TV. And if you’ve got any current Youtube videos that you’d like to see included on the channels you suggest, feel free to include links. I’ll respond asap with the “secret tags” as the channels are created…

Meanwhile, here’s the TV page again with the new custom “Channel’s” sidebar….

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    2. Greg Dallaire September 15th, 2009 8:38 pm


      You by far are the VIDEO mogul. I’ve been reading and watching what you work on and i’m very intrigued by what i’m finding.

      Like I said before on another of your post’s i’m working on integrating video on to my wordpress site.

      Can I bounce a couple ideas off of you? Check for an email from Green Bay Greg!