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Storytelling through Real Estate Video. Take two.

It was 4 whole years ago that I was sitting in the back row at my first ever RE/Tech hoo-ha conference when I first heard that Video was the next big thing. This sentiment has been repeated ever since and as far as home tours are considered, I can’t say that I have seen anything as impressive as this.

Select HD on the onscreen menu for best viewing. Full screen is not too bad either.

Casa Estrella from Quentin Bacon media|creative on Vimeo.

The video is just a part of an entire media storytelling package called “The Living Property Brochure”. For more on the creative background on the director’s process, take a look at Quentin’s blog. It’s quite impressive, if not mind blowing to see boundaries pushed this far.

Tip of the hat to theFrontSteps


Google releases a Buzz which may be a BuzzKill for others

I’m sure we can all agree that Google is big. Huge in fact. From what I understand they had a Super Bowl add this year. Who Dat? Google Dat! But everything they do is not always a hit. When was the last time you checked out Knol?

Moving along. This morning the buzz around the web is that Google has introduced the Twitter/Facebook killer with Google Buzz. Poor Twitter gets killed ever once and awhile and so is apparently a cat of nine lives on it’s final death bed. Just don’t tell that to the 14 bazillion users out there tweeting at this very moment.

One big part of this domination tool though is Geolocation.

At first look, Google Buzz reminds me of Pownce. A twitter-like social network that came along about the same time twitter became popular and allowed your to share files, photos and other media in your updates. Pownce, of course, with many of the others have fallen by the statusphere wayside or are still being populated with home listing updates via from Realtors trained by geniuses that tell them the more spam they have in their nature, the better their homes will sell.

Back to Google. Here’s a look at all the Buzz from the release video:

I have not been able to log into the Gmail inbox interface yet, but I did have a chance to take a look at the mobile version on my iPhone. Now here’s where it might get interesting despite what Google’s biggest competitors think.

My first look on the iPhone. The top two nav features are “Following”, which is who’s in your network and “Nearby”, anyone checking in around your given location. Which is great considering mobile home page is location aware and features “near me now” already. After giving Buzz approval to locate you via GPS what you find is something that looks like this… and where it gets interesting is in the layers:

Unlike Twitter it’s all about location when your take a look at what’s happening nearby. Comments to each update can be threaded.

Like Foursquare a drop down menu of nearby pinpoints will allow you to choose one and make an update from that location.

This ties in easily with place pages, where you can phone direct, open up a map, or read reviews just like on Yelp.

Open up the map and Buzz can be layered with traffic and other data, move around and zoom in on any area of the city.

I’m just scratching the surface of this as you can also share privately, import stuff from other sites like Twitter, Flickr, Picassa, and Reader, plus do everything right from the integration in you Gmail inbox.

Something else that was cool is to see how this all played out on on the Internet. After I received my first reply from Mark Eckenrode, I was given a link to a page just like what Twitter does for individual messages. Except from here I could reply on the page…

… or view his profile (looks a lot like Twitter)

… and that brought me back to my Google Profile, where you’ll now find a public Buzz stream included.

So now Google me… or yourself and see what happens. Just more data. Connecting more dots and building a stronger social graph of who you are, where you can be found, and what you are doing while your are there. This could be big. It ties in from many different points to offer the user a rich experience and even though we draw comparisons for other social networks with Open Data Standards, the platform is anything but Facebook.

A very interesting move in the Geolocation game. As always, the winner has the users and almost everyone uses Google. Not a bad place to start.

I can see plenty of uses for this as well as reason to have concerns about safety. But I would much rather hear your take on it. What does all this noise mean to you?


Yelping Googly Trulia! Is Google is doing some last minute Holiday shopping?


All this week there has been a lot of buzz around the interwebs about Google’s possible acquisition of The local reviews website has been wildly popular almost everywhere I have been in the country and could stand an image makeover in my humble opinion. One big enhancement could be the business user side to there social networking and business placement. Something Google is doing a good job of with their “Place Pages” for Google search and maps (example: San Francisco Real Estate Services )

With Google Place pages, business owners have the opportunity to have a publish the content of a business page, including video, where as “Yelp for business owners” seems to be geared towards offering buy up features such as advanced profile control and targeted advertising to the tune of $300-$1,000 a month. I’ve never really cared for this option too much as an advertiser or a consumer and think that Google might do a much better job of providing what’s best for the consumer. Yelp’s approach has been, in my experience, at bit heavily controlled.

Yelp for Real Estate has been at best an ongoing resource of placement for you business, à la Citysearch, and some seem to think a resource where Reviews of actual agents should be found.

What else might be under the tree?


Even Bigger news for Real Estate on the Google front broke just last night when Kara Swisher from All Things Digital posted about talks going on regarding the acquisition of

It is unclear what price Google (GOOG) would pay, but sources estimate that Trulia’s valuation ranges between $150 million and $200 million, although there could be a big premium on that.

Rumors about Google’s interest in the real estate search market–and specifically in Trulia–have been rebounding around Silicon Valley for the last year.

But Google has pulled the trigger on a number of acquisitions of innovative start-ups recently and, sources said, will continue to do so.

There’s also been a lot of chat about Google’s interest in Real Estate in the online Real Estate space which is mostly about us looking inward. Google, in my opinion, is far less interested in anything involving something like an MLS, an RPR, or anything else as much as eyeballs and ads, same as it’s ever been for them.

These are interesting developments in what is all about Geography and Placement. I find it of particular interest when some of my own favorite apps have everything to do with the GPS in my iPhone.

Any other ideas out there about what little elves could be working on in Santa’s workshop?


Multiple blog hosting and your files. A Project Bloodhound inquiry for DIY WordPress publishing.

I’m in need of clarity. Being mostly clueless to the concept of file management and hosting in general has led me here by way of looking to publish more then one blog.  That, and after spending far too much time with “online and phone help” with what should be a simple domain name transfer for Yahoo to Godaddy, I’m at my wits end.   Word to the wise.  If someone offers you a domain name for $1.99, don’t bite.

Here’s the deal. I have a “deluxe hosting account” with Godaddy which runs me, I think, around $6.50 a month and gives me what I need. ( I know your bluehost mediatemple whatever is better and that’s not the fix here ).  Focus.

When I started another blog, I created a new database via my SQL database and now this blog lives in a folder under the main account as well (see below).


So from what I gather, with 25 databases I can run 25 different sites under this one account, right?   The databases (sites) just become sub-files of the main account.  If I’m off, just let me know.

One other thing that puzzles me (utter ignorance) is the file placement in my directory.  I was going by the intructions given to me by the help desk at Godaddy, and what you see is what I ended up with.   Could you all give me a little insight to whether this looks OK or not?

Assuming that everything is set up right so far, my next question would be, what is the advantage of opening up a separate account for a new site?  With each and every domain I purchase, I am offered a free “Economy hosting account”, which of course will not allow you to host WordPress.   To do this, I would need to open another “Deluxe hosting account”.

Any insight here would be appreciated.  I plan on helping my wife with her own site and hosting and I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to get her set up separately or just run hers with mine.

Many thanks. If I get somewhere with this, I have one for Engenu one next.  These are the kind of mental stumbling blocks that hold me up for days.


A video postcard from Unchained in Phoenix

Paybacks a mutha, so be careful what you ask for.  I opened up the MacBook and asked the gang to do a video postcard for Teri Lussier because she could not make it.  Much to my surprise, some bloodhounds don’t forget.   Beyond that we get a look at the scenius in action and another sneak peak at some more video footage to come from Unchained in Phoenix. Enjoy, and don’t get too many ideas. I made a promise that this factotum/guest speaker/Omega will be performing Blake from Glenngary Glenn Ross next time we meet up.

Featuring Eric Blackwell with the Omegas working on SEO and Ryan Hartman exploring Gonzo Marketing with the Alphas.


We’re going LIVE! – Synchronous conferencing Unchained

Real time online conferencing. 🙂

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More video from Unchained from TokBox

More experimenting live from Unchained in Phoenix.  This time testing the video embed feature from   Posted just prior to the day’s introduction.  Tokbox is a video chat and video mail client.  Exciting yet?…
Let us know how we’re doing or maybe what you want more of… we’ll see if we can deliver.  🙂
TokBox – Free Video Chat and Video Messaging

Go ahead, Google me and see what happens

Really.  Google “me” in your search bar or Google home page and see what happens.

I was going to post about this yesterday and I’m glad I didn’t, because as of today, searchers who enter only the word “me” in the search box will be given an opportunity to set up or edit their Google Profile.


The personal profiles are not new.  I did share some of my thoughts on this in Unchained in Seattle.  They’ve been around for a while now, it just seems that every time I take a look at them they add more features.  First with a curious name verification process, then just last week with custom URLs.  They now support a pretty good amount of info on someone depending on your settings.  Numerous links to sites, an ‘about me’, contacts, and a Flickr or Picassa feed for photos.

None of this might be relevant except for the fact that Googling you is what people do.   Even my wife (against my personal preference) told someone to just look me up on Google the other day.  That person found me in a heart beat.

Profiles are already showing up at the bottom of page 1 search results and for those with common names there G will sport 4 profiles per page.  I suppose the more you share on you profile the better your results.   So far, there’s only one of “me“.

While the big G says they are not having a run at Facebook’s social network action,  google profiles still would be a good place to stake your claim.  Especially if you like using any of their other services, such as Maps or anywhere else your profile will be linked to…


Now if all that’s for nothing, then consider this.  I reviewed my first message via my profile that simply read Loved looking through your material. When I decide to move back to SF, I’ll give you a call.”

Create your profile

Update For promotion, Google is giving away 10,000 sets of 25 business cards to go with your new profile pageGet em’ while they last.



Three songs for freedom, fellowship, and the resistance to oppression

It’s been ages since we’ve heard any Unchained Melodies and we’re just under two weeks away folks. Don’t you think it’s about time?

All three from Eddie, to me, to you. This one’s for my friend Nick, the Unchained attendees, and believers in freedom.


This ones for The Dean of Geeks, who I’m sure is up crafting the edges of the next scenius. The 2008 theme song.

“I won’t back down”

… and thanks for the gift of admin rights on BHB 🙂

This one’s for young Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover and a story that won’t leave anyone alone, even the main stream media, who otherwise would ignore such a tragedy.

“Don’t be shy”

You all have a good weekend and love one another.


With San Francisco’s tenants rights the way they are, it’s always a tough fight .. but still: Peeking back through the looking-glass

Mark’s post as well as Sean’s got me thinking. It’s certainly not unusual these days to ‘friend someone up’ on a social platform such as Facebook these days and learn just a little bit more than you wanted to know, but how would you deal with the situation of finding out a bit TOO much.

Then came along this hot story could be a guide in how to help with property management. Even with heavy handed tenants rights keeping a choke hold on you as a property owner, at least you might know what to do next about a bad tenant.

Tenants evicted after “Skins-style parties” at her home on Facebook

Carolyn Lorimer couldn’t resist a quick look at the latest snaps on Facebook of her old friend enjoying a party.

It seemed like quite a bash. Revelers rolled about clutching bottles of beer amid scenes of ripped wallpaper and smashed TVs.

There was even a picture of three girls wiggling their thonged bottoms as they danced on a table.

Not a very wise thing to do, trashing your flat and then having friends blow it up on Facebook with pics to prove how you throw a serious rager.

How about just pissing off your neighbors?

New media civil war on Rotten

Drug addicts. They fight outside in the middle of the night over drugs, kick in people’s cars, and cant afford to clothe their children. Pretty much the scum of the earth. They like to leave garbage all over the place, spray-painted “#### Pigs” on their house, set fire to their own shed for fun

Wow! Looking out for your investment is getting easier, no? As a landlord or a property manager I wouldn’t waste too much time monitoring this, but I could think of a few easy ways to keep my ear to the ground. 🙂


image courtesy of magerleagues on Flickr


You get it, right? I mean people are looking for experts. Well for a few dollars more…

Surely this landed in your inbox this morning as well.  Maybe there was something just like it.   But I’m seeing a bright future for the site that aims to “revamp the way we define words in United States.”

Experts in United States offers a “lifetime purchase” with “no hidden fees.” So get in while you still can.

Their mission is hidden in plain sight:

Invitation to People and Businesses in United States

Subject: Launch

Good Morning, this is an invitation to share with you an interesting, fun, and modern new site, where you can promote your areas of Expertise in United States.

We believe that we are all experts in something, and now we want to give you the opportunity to purchase the word that defines your expertise.

What we want to do is revamp the way we define words in United States.

So how does Experts in United States work?

Well, ExpertsInUnitedStates lists thousand different words and for the price of one dollar per letter you can associate that specific word with your website or blog.

ExpertsInUnitedStates is interested in different interpretations of words by different individuals, and so the website was created in part to explore and play with the definitions of words.

So to give you an idea, if you are a “Gas Company”, you could be interested in purchasing the word – Diesel – 6 letters – total cost $6.

If you are a Hotel in Chicago, you could be interested in purchasing the word – Hotel – 5 letters – total cost $5.

Once a word has been sold, the word is not available any more, and it is linked forever to your site.

All the purchases are lifetime. No hidden fees.

Confused? Well, the easiest way to understand this unique marketing concept is to visit the site and give it a go… We believe that this fun and practical way to promote your business not only generates extra traffic to your website, but it can also recession-proof your business by promoting it as an expert in your field.

Still confused??  Well, being of altruistic nature, I’ve left the term RealEstate and other related terms up for grabs.  So hurry on over and grab yours for only 10 buck$.   Or, if you can save take that 10 spot on over to Ike’s Place, grab yourself a sandwich and come up with something original to be an “expert in United States” in like radioimmunoelectrophoresis.

Ooh, that sounds important!


You want to get someone’s attention? Try ‘pardon me’. Even a shoe toss is more civil than spitting in one’s face.

It takes some chutzpah to have such an opinion about things and become as successful as Michael Arrington has with TechCrunch.  Yesterday he posted about how he’s going off the grid, after the abuse from his peers and critics becomes threatening to his family’s safety.

TechCrunch – ‘Some things need to change’

Luckily my tolerance level for verbal abuse has risen proportionately to our growth, so I can handle most of the verbal abuse thrown our way. I can even handle it when my so called friends decide it’s in their best interest to spread negative rumors about us privately. I believe that it has changed me as a person to the point where I generally don’t trust people until they’ve earned it. Before TechCrunch I assumed most people were essentially good, and assumed that an individual was trustworthy until proven otherwise. Today, its exactly the opposite.

But like I said, I draw the line at being spat on. It’s one step away from something far more violent.

Something very few people know: last year over the summer an off balance individual threatened to kill me and my family. He wasn’t very stealthy about it – he called our office number, sent me emails and even posted threats on his blog, so it wasn’t hard to determine who he was. The threats were, in the opinion of security experts we consulted, serious. The individual has a felony record and owns a gun. Police in three states became involved and we hired a personal security team to protect me, my family and TechCrunch employees.

At over $2,000 a day we couldn’t keep paying for security indefinitely. And the police were helpful but couldn’t do much based on the threats until he acted. We had the option of getting a restraining order but that just tells the person exactly where you are (the places they can’t go). So for a week I was literally in hiding with my parents at their home. The TechCrunch office was empty, and the police made regular checks to see if things were ok. One evening they almost arrested one of our employees who stopped by the office to pick up something.

Seeing my parents fear for their lives and not understand how or why their son was in this position changed me, made me a much less forgiving person in general.

I write about technology startups and news. In any sane world that shouldn’t make me someone who has to deal with death threats and being spat on. It shouldn’t require me to absorb more verbal abuse than a human being can realistically deal with.    read the whole article here.

This is unfortunate because it deals with some pretty fundamental values that allow us to be civil to one another.  What we have to offer one another when we blog is a personal passion.   An opinion.  Yes, it’s business and strategy as well, but blogging and new media has offered individuals to thrive in ways we could not thrive before.   An individuals voice can be heard with more reach than ever before.   It’s a gift we all share, this freedom.  A gift that can be accepted of denied, but should never be threatened to extinguish.


The Wild Wonderful Web We Weave. How tightly wound it will be.

Yesterday was Teri Lussier’s Birthday in case you missed it.  If you did, then by all means go and give her your well wishes already.

Aside from working on your birthday, Teri and I have a few things in common.  Beyond real estate, our shared interest might have a lot to do with why I’m writing on Bloodhound.   A little over a year ago, after reading this blog for probably a year-plus prior, she pulled me out of lurking and into commenting on this post about twitter. It was not the utility of twitter that was as much of interest, but rather the evolving way that we communicate with one another on the WWW.   Twitter, as we all knew was offering a new line of communication at the time in the micro-blogging arena, and Teri was sharing her thoughts on the concept by using a shared favorite film as a metaphor.

It was her use of something that was of great interest to me that attracted me to her post.   Timing, curiosity, and a shared interest can start relationships in a heartbeat. Since then, Teri and I have become friends on and offline.  Meeting last year at Bloodhound Unchained in Phoenix and again at REBlogWorld in Vegas.

I value her viewpoint and honesty as I do everyone I have come across that contribute to Bloodhound.   Being so, we occasionally message each other with ideas or join in what has been dubbed a scenius.

None of this is ground breaking except for the idea that it is becoming easier to connect.  Since I spend so much time in the machine, I rarely take a step back in reflection as I did yesterday morning.

What Teri said via email is what got me started:

I’m quite partial to grainy B&W foreign movies… a joke… sorta…. Brad will laugh.

I went on YouTube to search for a trailer for Wings of Desire” to send to Teri in a message and what I came across was fascinating to me.   There is a whole sub-culture of people on YouTube that have edited different music over the top of parts of the movie as well as the trailer.  Everything from the soundtracks originals songs, to modern Radiohead favs, to some self-produced covers.  It looks like some have also gone as far as to upload the entire movie in 10 minute chunks as well.  Fans build communities and relate on the platform where they meet in their shared interest.

Here’s something else.

From what I know at least 3 bloggers on this site have found their significant others on the web.   My wife and I have an ongoing inside joke about how our mutual friend ‘Craig’ introduced us.  Again, not much new, really.  People have been finding ways of connecting despite every seemingly arcane tool of tech that’s put in front of them.  What is new, is the refinement of how relationships are formed . The detail in frequency is becoming more and more clear in the social ways of the web.  Facebook aggregates interactions with their your friends, family, and interests in a real-time life stream and now features chat – two more ways to reach out.  It is one of the most popular, growing by over 600,00 users a day.  Google it would seem, understand this as well, and It would look like they are continuing to strengthen the social functionality of their profiles.

What does the future hold for the average citizen of the WWW?

My aim, if I have one here is to point out that the “Long Tail” is not so long when it’s where you are connecting with what it is you are looking for.  In terms of Real Estate and social media,  I get leads all the time.  Many are a bad fit for me and the prospective client as well.  I’m certain as my brand continues to grow with more transparency and clarity of who I am and what I have to offer as a professional, I will attract more ‘like minded’ people looking for assistance with condo and loft purchase in San Francisco.  Beyond that, It will be helpful to know that we are going to get along OK.  Hard to know until meet.  But for all the talk of the’s joy of #IRL, you get a sense online of whether of not you want to work with someone for 30 days, let alone 6 months through a stressful transaction.

Sales gets called “a numbers game” all the time, but as with all relationships that eventuate, I would rather be find myself in the company of what will likely happen anyway –  connecting with like minded individuals that like and respect my point of view and what I have to offer, as opposed to being at a mixer with blinders on with thousands of others looking to host my attention.  It’s doubtful to me that this is something that will be shuffled along by something like review or recommendations, but rather the sum amount of how you represent yourself online in public conversation – your digital self if you will.

“Top producers” will always find 50+ reasons to list why you should work with them.  It’s one of the biggest memes in Realtor history.  I wonder how many pros would be up to digging up the 50+ different reasons why one should not work with them, or even ask that question of themselves.  The observations found could be very helpful in how we represent ourselves.

The world will continue to grow as technology and the social web continue to make it smaller.  A smaller space for us to share, a smaller space between the lines of you and me.  With everything shared in the social space of blogging etc, a tighter web we weave of connectivity.

This one’s for Teri and some other friends of mine whom were joined a few years back after meeting on a Radiohead message board.

Now that I’ve given you a bit more about me.  How about you?   I’m always curious about the readers that don’t give voice to their thoughts as they read here.   Come on out and say hi and let’s talk about this.   Let me in on how you are representing yourself online and what your aim is when it comes to attracting a like-minded sphere via your WWW efforts.   Have you ever established a relationship with a client online that had the small talk work of ‘you get it’ facilitated right on through to meeting face to face?

(Veteran voices welcomed too) 🙂


Social bookmarking for home search. Will it work?

This has been in draft mode for a few days now since I commented on this at Mashable. That’s just as well since Benn over at AG was able to get a look under the hood which changes my feelings about this new bookmarking app for home lookers. (now in beta testing)

I’ve been a big fan of using Delicious for my own personal research for a while now. It offers a simple way to tag, take notes, and store in the cloud what it is I need to understand about something I’m curious about so that down the road I can either share that information with others or keep it private to myself.

Dwellicious puts forth the effort to do this for home search. As some of you may remember, this has been tried before with little success (if at all) for some reason. My take at first blush is that it’s something that users will be hard pressed to adopt. I have worked with several tech savvy clients who have done their own home search with the tools to share information and what I have found is that they are very reluctant to share anything about their decision making process. People hold their cards close to their chest when purchasing homes and often don’t even know what it is they want until they see it. So, for note taking purposes, I don’t know that it will be much help, but it’s nice to have the option.

It’s too bad you don’t see a consumer based search site that has all of the inventory data with a few solid consumer centric options like saving, RSS updates, and sharing without all the advertising, hierarchy of ‘featured listings’ and sponsorship options getting in your way. Bookmarking while weeding through various sites seems to be a chore few will have the know how or patience to handle. Another problem might be the slowness of updating on these sites to make any timely use of RSS. It could be a rewarding experience for those to venture another step into being their own agent, yet there are still a few bricks in that wall, that are still in place.

One step closer to better is what this should be as the robust portion of the pie seems to be where you’ll find at least 8 API’s built in help aggregate a variety of related information from sites like Zillow, Walkscore, Cyberhomes and Panaramio. Now that’s something the advanced home searcher can sink their teeth into. On the other side it would be cool if there were a Kayak type of search engine to pull in all the listing data to pluck from, but then again Real Estate technology is nothing like Travel, now is it?

Watch and see.


Get friendz and generate adulation by using the App that expresses so you don’t have to. “Ideal for the imaginatively challenged”

My brow is furrowed again and I should get this out before my wife gets home to hear yet, another one of my Andy Rooney-ish tirades on ‘how my day was’

So help me out here.  How is this application helpful?  In being social in any environment we are more or less on the same page.  Most people feel insecure about something if not many things.   It takes effort to expand beyond your own self-consciousness sometimes to get a thought out past your own nose.   So why, when we are shielded with the plastic from our computers, and most likely miles between us, would you feel the need to be more excepted for what you express?

Taking a look at the ‘what’s it for‘ page, let’s run it down:

  • “How many hours have you wasted trying to think of something suitably witty, funny and original for your status on Facebook or Twitter?”

Not nearly as many I’m sure as days that are wasted mindlessly sitting in front of the TV.  Thinking is genuinely regarded as a natural and healthy thing to do and not something to be discouraged.  That is, unless you are watching TV 😉

  • “Let’s face it, a status like “Dave is mowing the lawn” or “Kate is asleep” is not going to impress that huge entourage of friends you’ve amassed.”

Gee, you mean now that I have amassed my very own entourage I should just spend my time with cut-n-paste churned updates from the bot.  I got one even better.  Why not just hire myself a social media assistant to churn babble for me.  I’ve got better things to do like take Italian lessons using Rosetta Stone to build an entourage of Real Estate/Vespa enthusiasts in on   My take is that it’s opt in on social networks anyway.  I understand everyone’s complaints about the banality of updates like Sbux is out of half and half or I’m walking my dog, but what if it does mean something in the context of how you are relating to others in the moment.  I love to hear my family and friends are up through Facebook et al.   It helps fill in the blanks and creates even more meaningful conversations when we have time to be present with one another.  I’m sure all of us by now have benefited from the use of Social Platforms, at least over the past year or so, we know our President Elect has.  What if all of a sudden your friends and family started speaking bot, giving you updates on a Thursday afternoon like “Johnny is boycotting shampoo and demanding real poo!”  I would either stop paying attention altogether or put plan an diaper intervention.

  • “Never fear! Your days of boring status updates are over! Simply type your name, indicate whether you are a boy or a girl, then hit Generate.”

What, so gender specific?  Obviously not for those with ‘San Francisco Values‘ 😀

  • “You will be served up a brand new, sparkly status all ready to be copied and pasted into Facebook, Twitter or whichever social networking site you like best.”

The bots can’t have everything.  You give them your time, your attention, and money.  Hand them over your free will to think, create, and share the uniqueness of who you are, then what’s next?   Yeah, I know, it’s not a big deal when you’re objective is to be liked.  So whatever is clever for you and yours.. reblip, reblog, and generatus into the next half-life.  Better yet, twitterfeed you reblogs, reblip your amazon suggestions, jott your tweetlaters to later set for automatic updates and canned message ‘welcomes’.  Oh wait, your microblog is now blinged and your Facebook page is generating ‘generatus’ too.  Don’t forget to Magpie your twitter, so your profile is now just a flash banner ad away from being a genuine splog.  For the sake of having a more buckshot Social Media strategy I would further suggest you all of these updates in order to have a consistent multi-platform outreach, you never know who’s out their ‘listening’ or feeding on your friendship.  If your friendz don’t love you, the google bots will.  I’m sure a specific niche use keyword packer for generated status updates is in the works.  You might just want to name your first born ‘Meta tag’ Goo goo ga ga – what will baby Meta’s first words be?

I don’t care what you do with social media really, let’s just not forget that it is the technology that allows us to be more social, not the other way around.  Just because we can do more tricks doesn’t mean we have to.   Now I’m starting to sound like a real curmudgeon.. oops!..  feeling a bit self-conscious.  Let’s defer to the generator’s tag cloud and..  yes, manufactured response says: “Brad is more than ever before”  Status update complete.

As everyone seems now to be experiencing,  these platforms, especially through blogging are a great place to engage and learn and grow together, but nothing is as game as what happens when the LCD lids shut and we get offline.  It’s the way it will always be, no matter how dependent on the machines we become.

Real generousity come from sharing the gift of what you have to offer.  Now I’ve shared mine.


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