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Update from 1 year ago. Page 32 of G till now.

For those of my friends on here, who remember. In 2010 I relocated my small real estate business to South Florida from Wisconsin. Everything was fine and dandy until I remembered that my position in Google will be starting over from page 1 to page 32. It is nearly one year ago (01-16-11) that I wrote a post on Bloodhound asking for some sympathy from fellow friends. To be frank about it, I was really struggling, with the move, life in general, a new baby, and trying to make it by selling real estate in a South Florida market. Although many agents are making bank, I have to watch every penny.

I am pleased to announce for the term “Boynton Beach Real Estate” I am now on the middle of page 2, and sometimes as high as the bottom of page 1. I want to personally thank all of you, for helping me in a time of need. Although I haven’t yet found the financial freedom I am looking for, I am least paying the bills…barely, but at least paying the bills. You know, looking back it’s the friends that I’ve made on Bloodhound that have really helped me out the most over the last two years blogging on here.

To cap off the year 2011, Russell Shaw commented on a blog I made on BHB! I thought that was so cool. What I’ve learned over the last year the most, is that, bills come and go, but memories are forever. In 2012 I’m going to put my focus on my family and 2 kids, and not my real estate business. Yes of course, I have to make a living for my family, but that’s not what it’s all about. I don’t know when the good Lord will call me home, but when he does, I want my family to be able to say, “you know, dad (me) worked hard for us, but he always put the family first no matter what kind of bills piled up”.

A special thank you to all my friends here on BHB, you’re all great! Let’s make 2012 a great year.


Reading myself right into welfare via a Kindle Fire. Forgetting whats important.

In almost two years of participating at Bloodhound this will be my first tech and family combined post. Recently, I decided it was time to buy some bling aka the Kindle Fire. What really attracted me to the Kindle Fire was all that it can do coupled with it’s tiny size. Although it’s not an I-Pad 2, the Kindle Fire is still really practical for reading and Android apps which is the two sole purposes I bought it in the first place.

Have you ever thought that you might have been reading yourself right into welfare? I wake up in the morning to read for 30 minutes prior to getting out of bed. I read on the toilet! (smile) But using the bathroom now takes longer because I can’t put a book down on the middle of page. I read before and after diner. My social life has decreased and my newly found love aka the Kindle Fire has me consumed.

Brian (The Genius and mortgage mega broker) really wrote a great post about how he needs more agents to close more mortgages. And that article had me thinking about my time management skills which have clearly gone right out the window. Like the title says, I’m reading myself right into welfare. Of course we need time to unwind and so forth, but what I’ve been doing has been habit which I repeat daily. I am a wife whom is a homemaker and two small girls. I often find myself working longer hours just so we have enough padding in the bank. Just went it seems like we have a good pad, something breaks!

I guess this post is more of a spiritual battle with myself. I want to be the best husband, always there for my family even at night instead of showing homes. But dad’s need to work harder than ever right now just to survive and care for their family. I do have a confession. I’ve been reading 10 chapters every single day in my bible, on top of all the other non sense reading. How you ever found yourself just going through life and then you stop and like and say, I need to came sure my family is happy, prior to my needs? It’s ok to read books which I do, and it’s ok with do other fun activities, but not at the expense of your wife and kids.

What are your thoughts on working all the time, finding me time (Kindle Fire time), and finding family time?


Gates rents home near my hood – that’s all for now

Recently Mr. Bill Gates and his wife have found a nice retreat in Wellington, Florida to relax for the winter months. The couple will be staying from January till May 2012. Gates is not far from my home in Boynton Beach Florida. What surprises me is the home that he settled on is located in Wellington, Florida. Wellington is known as the polo capital of the world. People from around the world migrate to Wellington 3 months out of the year to live in horsey Heaven.

Mr. Gates and his wife liked the property so much they were willing to pay and agreed to pay $600,000 rent for the 5 months they will be in town. As a local broker in the area, Mr Gates and his wife must love Wellington’s small town feel and must love the polo scene. Wellington has a nice mall, but it’s certainly nothing to brag about. Either way, Bill has the money and he can easily do whatever he please. I just wonder why he didn’t go after an ocean side penthouse or a cottage on the Intracoastal for a 20th of the price.

I wish Bill and his wife a great 2012 winter season in Wellington, Florida! Maybe I’ll see him around and get a picture of us next to each other.

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Video’s are in my arsenal – Lead conversation – It’s battle time

If you were me, you wouldn’t love my annual paychecks. As a matter of fact, I’ve started out far worst that Russell Shaw was for the first nine years of his career, before he got into radio advertising. I’ve been searching for a way to build credibility online. If you’ve ever seen my face, you’d think I’m 21, not 30.  Of course you might be thinking, who cares 30 is the new 21.

Getting a great real estate deal from 365 Palm Beach on Vimeo.

I plan on having video testimonials of former customer so new customers can see that I am in fact a credible Realtor to do business with.  Let me know your thoughts on this video.  Does it need work?  Of course it needs work.  As a matter of fact, my entire business model needs work, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing what I am writing this very moment.  I would maybe writing about how my in house seo team is the best in south Florida.

My hunch is through video’s, I can increase my lead conversation through credibility.  I am playing with the idea of “Forcing Video Registration” as well.  Basically, a customer could watch a 30 second clip, register their info, and then watch the remaining 1.5 minutes of video.  Either way; in the name of getting out of the rat race and taking 1 full day off a week without real estate is the goal I am shooting for.  I know it can be done.

Also bloodhounders if you have any good SYSTEMS for getting repeat business please let me know.  From muggy South Florida down in the real estate trenches I’m Robert Worthington!!!


Full price wheel barrel of money and a lost client; Realtor gets tko’d.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.  I scheduled an appointment to see a home in a nice community.  The school districts are great as well as the neighborhood.  The price was right and this home was not a short sale, not an easy find in South Florida.  After getting four appointments cancelled by the seller, my buyer was getting rather desperate as his moving date was only 4 weeks away, as his landlord was kicking him out because he would not sign a one year lease.

The buyer decides to write an offer sight unseen.  The offer was full price, cash, with zero contingencies.  The urgency was high, as this buyer wanted to be in a home and have the sweat heart school district.  Surprisingly the offer offer was never even looked at by the seller, because she had a change of heart on selling.  Besides the fact that I was owned a commission and deciding not to waste my time to chase it down, the buyer then ends up firing me because I was unable to pull this deal off.

Hence the title, full price wheel barrel of money and a lost client: Realtor gets tko’d.  What has your experience been in situations like this?  Reporting live from the trenches of a warm muggy humid South Florida, I’m Robert Worthington, and I promise to have yet another doozy to report on soon!  I’m keeping my head up, ears up, tail waging,  and I’m sniffing out my next deal!  When your part of the bloodhound pack, you never quit!


The old luxury creme puff goes bye bye, frustration, and a sedan

It’s been a nearly 3 weeks since I sold my 99′ Cadillac V8 Luxury problematic SeVille!  The car looked great but like a blonde haired, blue eyed beauty looks can be deceiving.  I got a fair price for the Caddy and I was happy, until I went to the bank after I sold it to find out what slightly used car interest rates are going for.  My credit is good and I was getting quoted 17% +/-.  My problem was, I only wanted to borrow, $5,000 max for a used car, the rest I was going to pay for in cash.

I searched endlessly for a clean used car in South Florida, boy was the joke on me.  I would arrive at dealers who wanted between $600 to $1,000 dealer fees on top of the price of a car.  I then went looking at private sale cars to get away from the dealer fees.  I found one liar after another, I’m referring to the private party seller.  I had literally given up my car search in complete frustration of FEES, LIES, and INTEREST RATES.

My wife was going nuts explaining that we need two cars, so I begun my search again.  I found a nice little cream puff (the car).  It’s a 2005 Honda Civic which looks great, and my mechanic gave me the two thumbs to go ahead and buy the car.

So you might be thinking, how in the world, can I go from Leather seats and spacious to a typical compact car?  The answer is, I frankly don’t care what clients think of me pulling up in a Honda Civic versus a Cadillac.  I wasn’t about to pay outrageous dealer fees, I found  a half way decent and partially lying seller, and I paid cash for the car instead of off the chart interest rates; so that is exactly how I arrived at a 2005 Honda Civic.

You know what I also learned from this experience since it’s nearly been over 4 years since I bought a car.  Don’t charge hidden fees, Tell the truth, and charge a fair fee or commission.  What are your thoughts from previous real estate or car experiences?

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The goal of 1k/day, aging, and passion – Here it goes

I’m going to turn 30 in september.  I wonder to this day, when will my real estate business take off?  I see wildy successful people like Russell Shaw.  I even see Greg Swann’s goal of 1k a day.  Truthfully, I wish I was up to $200 a day.  The game is hard in Florida, but that’s why I’m in the fight, it’s a challenge filled with some heart ache and infinite fun.  So far this year, I’ve made a decent wage, but nothing to brag about.  I have kids and a stay at home wife, so you do the math.  I’ve always said to myself, if I could just be self employed and pay the bills, I’ll have it made.

I wake up some days and do the typical routine and think, how on Earth can I hit it big in this business.  Where’s my break going to come in.  I work literally 7 day’s a week.  Yet my fellow bloodhounder Greg Dallaire works 30 hours a week and is averaging $500 a day.  I ask myself, where has my business plan failed?  Well it hasn’t failed, but it’s not where I want to be.  I’m doing something wrong and I don’t know what it is.  I don’t want to work the rest of my life 7 days a week and make $200 a day.

What have you done in your business to take it to the next level?  Oh I know, times are tough, but lets face it, I’m doing something wrong and not talking to enough people is what it comes down to.  I need to be better at generating leads and handling them properly.  So how can I get there.  SEO blah blah, I’m doing it everyday and yes it’s paid off.  I suck at recruiting agents.  How do I recruit agents?

You see, I have a great wife, great kids, I sleep good at night, and I even love real estate, it’s a beautiful thing; but I want the beautiful real estate thing to be like Miss America.  I want to step it up.

1)Can someone please help a fellow bloodhounder out?  How did you recruit agents?

2)  Did I select a target market that is to broad?

3) Does my website needs modification?

4) Do I need to post sweaty collared shirt pictures of myself like Greg Swann (smile).

I ask myself, where am I lacking to make a 1k a day?  Please help me.  I’d even pay for your time.

Yours truly,
The young blood
Robert Worthington


I’ve made it to the top of Google

In case your wondering the easiest way to make it “fresh” to the top of Google.  Simply move your real estate business across the country, start a new website, and bingo!   I’ve made it to the top in three weeks.  How is that you might be wondering, right?  Easy!  I’m on the top of page 30 for the term, “Boynton Beach Real Estate”.  So I’ve decided to write a blog post about on it. 

Back in Wisconsin I was in the number 2 spot on page 1 of G for a few terms.  Now that I’ve started over because I moved a real estate business, I’ve got no search engine rank whatsoever.  So, in order to climb up the search engine ranks, I am in need of some fellow Bloodhounder help.  I am offered basically anything at this point for a helpful link for maybe a year or so until I can establish myself from down in the tranches and work my way but up the  ranks which will allow me to capture leads and close deals.  For anyone who will give me a sympathy link, I would be happy to return the favor. 

In 6 months, I will be reporting on how many people helped me out and what page I jumped to from page 30. 

Thank you in advance for your help.

Reporting live from the number 1 spot on page 30, I’m Robert Worthington.


Just be yourself

If you believe in not siding with any party in an attempt to remain neutral, please stop reading.  This post is a post that has been on my mind which is about being yourself and doing what makes you happy.  I was 22 when I bought my first home.  My parents told me not to buy that home, 5 years later it was the best thing I ever bought when I sold it.  I was told you CAN’T say your a Christian believer that Jesus Christ is your savor on your real estate website; I’ve sold houses to Christians and made really good friends in and around the industry because of it.  I was told flat out, find a job that more steady that real estate, something safer; however I love living on the edge.  I even doubted myself when I thought my family couldn’t afford to tithe; my wife thought otherwise and we do.  I was told not a buy a used Cadillac as they don’t hold up; I still drive it to this day. 

I love being myself.  It’s not about always pleasing other people including the customers in your business.  I had a prospect call me a year ago.  He asked me questions up and down that was raising red flags left and right, my gut feeling told me to hang up on him; I did.  I was told I was too young to be in the real estate business, I’m still young and still in it today.  Russell Shaw stated himself, if his team goes on a 1,000 listing appointments, he’ll take 500 of them.  Wow.  I believe in myself and I believe in my decisions, and that’s exactly what I want you who is reading this right now to believe.  Greg Swann is an Author and Eric Blackwell is an seo guru, relationship builder.   We all make mistakes, (liking hanging up on a call in), but the point is this, believe in yourself and BE YOURSELF.


QR Bar Code – Too techy; or spot on?

I recently ordered 5,000 business cards.  All the while, the QR bar code was eating at my inner most business model, “keep it simple, for all customers”.  Since not all customers, including snowbirds have smart phones, I elected not to add the QR bar code to the back side of my business card.  While many agents have already taken the leap, I was doubtful and listened to my gut.  I also order 5,000 tri-fold brochures, and still no QR bar code

I do feel the QR bar code has a place in real estate, I believe that place to be on sign riders.  .   The QR bar code is bursting onto the scene around parts of the country including South Florida.     I plan on ordering 15 sign riders all which will include the QR bar code for techy passer bys that must get the information immediately.  So what is the core issue behind that post you might be thinking?

Number one, the QR bar code can capture leads, which can turn into closings.  Maybe our uber techy’s from Bloodhound have a good system of text message drips once that lead is captured.  J

Number two, where is best place online to get the QR bar code?

Number three, what is your opinion on the QR bar code?  Where would you use it in your business?


I’m Back – ready to entertain my fellow bloodhounds again

I’ve  been absent for a bit.  2010 was the year I decided to move my life and business from Wisconsin to Florida.  Bascially, I was tired of selling homes for $125k, tired of freezing cold winters, and tired of not living the dream.  I’d always dreamed of buying a retirement  home in Florida.  Today however, I can tell you I’m writing this blog post from my family’s small 2 bedroom apartment.  We sold our house, and moved to Florida. 

In short, the past six months have been filled with setting up a real estate brokerage, all while studying a 400 page book for the state brokers exam, all while my wife is pregnant and going to give birth 1-6-11, all while running a business in Wisconsin, and all while trying recruit agents, and start a successful real estate business in Florida.

I can confidently say that never ever again will I attempt to go to the extreme of moving a business, although moving a business is a 4 to 5 part blog post just in itself.  Greg Swann can no longer write about the how nice the weather is in Arizona while I used to be jealous, envious, and wishing for his Arizona weather year round.  Although Florida is not Arizona, it’s the paradise I currently live in and plan to enjoy till the ticker stops ticking.

Most of all, I’m glad to be back in the saddle again.  I’m glad to be reading posts from bloodhounders, instead of picking up that state exam book.  If any of you reading this post right now are thinking of moving your real estate business, there is much work involved.  Geeez, maybe in five years, I can tell you if it paid off or not for me.  Either way, I’m living the dream!


Ordinary communist photographer going Capitalist; greedy, greed, greed

If you’re a true communist real estate photographer like I once was and your getting ready to go as far right as my friends in the business Greg Swann and Brian Brady, who I humbly agree with; then it’s time to drop your ordinary communist real estate photography money distributing, crummy, worthless shop.  Warning to all communist!!!  The remainder of this article is about greedy greed greed; making money.

You might be asking, what is a true communist real estate photographer like I mentioned in sentence one?  A communist real estate photographer is what I used to be; simply list a home explain why I’m “THE GUY” and then take some “communist real estate photos” with my $350 best buy camera and put em’ in the system.   Why is a $350 best buy camera SO COMMUNIST you might be asking?  Simply put, in this new world of real estate over the past five years, myself and many others who are still in the business having had to adapt.

One of the ways I’ve adapted is really quite simple; CHANGE.  I believe in THREE main capitalist scenario’s needed to sell a home.

1)      Exposure (advertising) only a greedy greed greed capitalist would invest advertising money to make money.

2)      Presentation (PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO) this is where I was a communist.  My PRESENTATION sucked.  Buyer’s looking at online couldn’t distinguish a Worthington Realty home from any other home.  Simply put, I was losing money for myself and clients alike.  I wasn’t totally doing my job.  SO I CHANGED.  I made a near $2,000 investment in real estate photography equipment to get me started.

I AM NO HARRY BISEL, as a matter of fact, if my photos could be half as good, I’ve succeeded.  I have noticed because my PRESENTATION has “professional like” quality photos, my SHOWING numbers have gone WAY UP, and in turn I have CLOSED more deals.

How do ya like that Greedy Greed Greed explanation?   I was your typical communist real estate photographer and didn’t even know it.

3)      In case you’re wondering what the final point is – “Value” If the home is properly priced it will sell.  (Which could mean, I still might be a communist for not over pricing a home like your typically capitalist (wink) I think you get the point.

In the end, a simple investment took me from communist to capitalist in the “Presentation sector” of the 3 main bullet points that sell a listing.

What are your thoughts?  What have you done to convert your presentation sector from communist to capitalist?  Here how I look at…why not just spiff up your presentation since you’ll sell MORE home, generate more referrals, and you’ll have happier sellers because their home will be getting more showings!  Call it the capitalist snow ball effect.

How are you going to take a portion of your own personal business and convert over to capitalism?


Capitalist going green: Why the hate during my quest to go paperless?

If you’re an artist or a tree hunger, you may want to read this post and re-tweet or repost this on your left wing blog while you’re probably still living in your parent’s basement trying to help save earth worms and maggots!  Hey artists of the world, after reading you may feel like you should be on the right, instead of the left (wink).  Does anyone every feel like when someone gives you literature or a brochure on products or even a simple appointment reminder slip from the doctor that you try everything in your power to be polite and kindly say, “No thank you, I can save that reminder in my phone” or even ask a sales rep to email you that brochure?

My story is simple.  I am a capitalist who is trying to go paperless.  Why would I need paper when I have a tablet pc and also receive email?  You see what I have been finding is that people in general take offense to the fact that I kindly decline their literature or appointment reminder slip.  Simply put, my life is organized all virtually.  As a matter of fact, I recently purchased a professional scanner the “Xerox documate 152”.  I simply scan all the closing papers to my hard drive and carbonite automatically backups up my hard drive daily.  I’m way more efficient and organized which allows me to close more deals and wow customer and enjoy my life more at the same time.

I do send out snail mail for marketing purposes yes, however, the real question I am trying to pry out of you right is do you see yourself going paperless (or near paperless) anytime soon?  If yes, describe how you think people will react towards if you kindly decline literature, ect, ect and as that is all be emailed to your email address for receive.


No tilt; no fall real estate signs

This blog post is an informative blog post for people who purchase their own real estate signs; other’s need not read any further.  For years, Worthington Realty, Manitowoc have put up with under engineered, cheaply made real estate signs.  Looking high and low, nothing was on the market which needed to meet the following requirements.

1)      Guaranteed not to lean, tilt, or fall over

2)      Built to last

3)      Fashionable looking

4)      Easy to install

5)      Light in weight

6)      Reasonable cost

Fast forward two years and dozens of experiments, Worthington Realty has got it!  The first real estate sign guaranteed to stand straight up tall just like the day you put in the ground.   Worthington Realty consulted with visionary fabrication guru’s to create the ultimate in real estate sign technology.  We’ve perfected the anchor which attaches the post to the ground.  The anchor weighs approximately 20lbs which is extremely light compared to what was originally engineered.

Worthington Realty is looking for the industry public opinion.  Is there a demand for a real estate sign guaranteed to stand tall like the day you put it in the ground?  What would you pay for an item like this?  Can you imagine putting a sign in the ground and knowing you’ll come back to it standing tall?  What are your thoughts?  Worthington Realty would greatly appreciate your input.  In our office we are not perfectionist or genius by any means, however we shoot for the stars making every single day count.  Thank you in advance for you input and advice.


Socialist need not read –> Like Big Oil –> Big Expired Program; windfall profits

I’m greedy!  I’m an extremist!  I am conservative!  I am a capitalist!  Haha.  I love money!  2010 marks the years (not Karl Marx silly)  I mean marks the calendar for the 2010 to become the listing king.  Between website registrations, referrals, & and windfall expired letters I set out to fundamentally transform Worthington Realty from small hometown broker, to completely dominating the local market.  Below I will share the expired program statistics I am using that has fundamentally transformed Worthington Realty from nay to yay; or should I say mediocure to maybe Russell Shaw like (in the next hundred years).

So here are the expired numbers!

I have sent out 92 mailings

I have received 8 call back

I have listed 5 priced to sell quickly

I have 1 closing in the pipeline from expireds

92 mailings / 8 call backs = 11.5% Wow!  I mail out 100 and 11.5 will call back!  Sweet!

8 call backs / 5 listings = 62.5% of call back I am listing.  1 listing I turned down because of price, 1 listing I didn’t make the cut, and 1 call back canceled the listing appointment plans to keep for home for now.

92 mailings / 1 closing in the pipeline = 1.08% are closings  Average closing say $4k – $8k on the listing side.

92 mailings / 5 listings = 18.4 letters to get a listing.

My data is only 92 mailings that I have selectively sent expired letters to.  My initial mailing costs $1.52.  If no phone call, I then send out a post card every week for 12 weeks.  If still no phone call I leave it alone.  Each post card is $0.55  Most leads call within the first 4 – 6 weeks.  I have no idea why I am sending all the way out to week 12 (smirk)

I will update with more statistics in June, 2010 which will better quantify the data.

Do you currently have an expired program?

What are you thoughts on what works and what doesn’t?

Thank you taking time to read this capitalist post!  Big Expired Program; Windfall profits!


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