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Happy Birthday, Greg!

Enjoy your next trip around the sun!


The Proprietor Is Celebrating Another Spin Around the Sun

Happy Birthday, Greg!




Happy Birthday, Greg!

Happy Birthday, Greg! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your next spin around the sun!


Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Let’s stay away from the #RTB(tab) crowd as industry lifeguard comparison, shall we?

Have a safe and relaxing weekend.

h/t Phil Martin



I’ve been having a lot of fun with WordPress 3.0. One of the cool things large brokers can probably be doing with the platform is offering their agents super simple to set up lead generating landing pages.

By taking advantage of the multi user capability and tweaking a themes template files to allow for very little customization, you can build, test, deliver, (and tweak for improvement) sites that do a nice job of converting visitors to incubatable leads.

Some early Retechulous stabs at this wp 3.0 mulitsite squeeze page concept include:

  • PropertyBuzzer.Com
  • 247Property.Info
  • FixerUpperLoan.Info
  • and… the site I’ve been wanting to build for years (I even bought the domain once, let it expire, then waited for it to come back available)…..


    …An eco friendly squeeze page for real estate pros that sure to delight, offend, and most importantly differentiate!

    Anyway, full disclosure. I’m letting folks fire these sites up for free as a bit of a retechulous lead generation ploy… so if you’re interested in grabbing one for yourself, there’s a form that’ll let you start the process within the eco friendly real estate squeeze page (anchor text) blog post I just fired up on the subject.

    Very interested to hear whether Anyone else out there is having similar fun with WP 3.0?