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Odysseus Medal

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This is me, Greg Swann, writing from my original post on this subject:

I have recast The Odysseus Medal as a new carnival of real estate weblogging. This is the description of the new carnival from its home page:

“A weekly carnival for real estate, mortgage, real property investing and housing weblogs — very broadly defined. The Odysseus Medal is awarded to the highest quality writing in real estate weblogging.”

The Odysseus Medal competition will be hosted at BloodhoundBlog every week, and it will be judged by me alone. That is arrogance personified, but by doing things this way webloggers will be assured of a consistent standard of excellence, as determined by a writer well-qualified to judge excellence.

And excellence is all The Odysseus Medal will be concerned with. To be eligible, a weblog post must be about housing or real property, very broadly defined, but, beyond that, it must be crafted to the highest level of quality. There is room in the world for everything, but at the top of the mountain there is space for one thing only, and that one thing must be the best.

Here’s a simple fact: Good writing begets better writing. I expect the brilliant people who write for BloodhoundBlog will tell you that writing here has made them better writers. By making an example of the best writing in the every week, each of us can learn to be that much better in our own writing.

Near that point, all the BloodhoundBlog contributors except me will be eligible to win The Odysseus Medal. I promise not to play favorites, but I do promise that they will win when they deserve to. As my own little Greek curse, I will get to be the weekly arbiter of excellence, but I will never, ever get to win The Odysseus Medal.


If you write well and want to write better, this is the real estate weblogging carnival for you. You’ll know going in that your best work will be recognized for what it is, without having to fear whatever erratic judging standards might come into play in any particular week.

The Rules (few and fair):

  1. The entry must have been posted within the two weeks before the entry deadline
  2. The entrant need not be the author of the post
  3. More than one entry from the same weblog is fine
  4. More than one entry from the same person is also fine, with those entries coming from one or more weblogs
  5. No second-guessing, no do-overs, no cry-babies

The Prizes:

Three awards will be given weekly:

  • The Odysseus Medal, for the overall best post of the week
  • The Black Pearl, for the best practical, technical or marketing idea of the week
  • The People’s Choice Award, selected by popular voting on Sunday evenings

The Deadline: Sunday at 12 Noon MST — which is 12 Noon PDT, 3 pm EDT, etc.

Promote The Odysseus Medal: You can use this sidebar code, 160 pixels wide, to promote The Odysseus Medal competition at your own weblog:

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You can see this in our sidebar. It looks like this:

That image links back to this page.

Entry form: It’s here.

Show us what you’ve got…


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