Bloodhound Realty Success Stories - Client Testimonials

We work very hard to make raving fans of our clients. Shown below are some of the kind words they have shared with us. (You can see our video success stories by clicking here. Or, if you have your own experience to relate, we would love it if you would share your Bloodhound Realty success story by clicking here.)

"Lisa and I wanted to let you know what a great experience we had working with you from start to finish. We still find it hard to believe we landed the house we wanted and in the area we desired given this hot market. Your persistence paid off and it is sincerely appreciated. Also, thank you so much for the great communication and follow through with every question or issue we had no matter how large or small. You consistently went above and beyond to make it easier for us as out of state buyers and we felt engaged in the process but not overwhelmed. A very nice touch was creating the website of photos to allow us to see the house and share the photos with friends and family. We were also extremely impressed with the great and thorough team you assembled. From our loan officer to our inspector we felt like everything was completely taken care of. This allowed us to focus our attention on moving, not the details of the transaction. I believe things could not have been easier on our side and we will highly recommend Bloodhound Realty to our friends and family." – Robert and Lisa P.

"I want to thank Greg Swann at Bloodhound Realty for a great home buying experience. I was looking for a house to rent or rent-to-own and came across his website. I emailed him and told him what I was looking for. Greg suggested that I buy instead of renting because the interest rates are so low now. I explained that I had no money for a down payment. Greg put me in touch with a mortgage company and I was approved for a loan over the phone that day. The next day Greg and I went and looked at twelve houses and I found the one just right for me and my family. I made an offer and it was accepted. Greg was there every step of the way. Greg always answered my calls promptly and had answers to my many questions regarding the area schools, shopping and growth potential. I can’t thank Greg enough for helping me realize that I could own my own home. I went from living in an apartment to owning a home in about 3 weeks. Greg went above and beyond any Realtor that I have ever dealt with. I can’t thank him enough for helping me realize my dream of owning a home." – Cheree P.

"I would like to convey my appreciation and sense of satisfaction for the handling of my investment property purchase this last March. I found Greg Swann and Bloodhound on a Google search after contacting two other local agents and not finding what I was after. I contacted Greg initially via email, and from that moment on, the level of service and information that I received was truly amazing. Having dealt with several real estate agents in the past, I was prepared to do most of the legwork myself, and have someone with a license take care of the legal side. What I got was an agent who did literally everything except pay for the property. From our first email conversations, to hitting the ground in Phoenix and having Greg give me an instant overview of the Phoenix market, to narrowing down the better neighborhoods, to finding the right house, and closing the deal, it went much more smoothly than I could have ever hoped. Within 48 hours of landing in town, we had a great house at a fair price! Greg is a consumate professional and a gentlemen you'd love to have on your side. Not only is Greg a nice guy, but he's savvy as well as tenacious when necessary. He left no stone unturned and no clause unwritten in assuring that I got exactly what I was after, and what was fair for both parties. I have already referred two friends to Greg in their search for investment properties in the Phoenix area, one of whom has already purchased two properties through Bloodhound, and would be happy to discuss my experience with any other potential investors who are serious about using Bloodhound's services." – Tony F.

"Lisa and I really talked it over to come up with what could have been done differently in our purchase and we can't come up with a thing. Any issues we had are with our listing agent - lack of communication, but they did sell our house quickly with several others on the market. We had an easier time coming up with what you did that impressed us (#1 obviously can't be done for all customers):
     1. Promoting our property with other realtors while at the convention in Vegas.
     2. Web site photos were huge - fun to share with family, etc.
     3. The gifts for move-in day.
     4. Always returned our calls quickly, punctual on all appointments - this is great customer service.
     5. Trying everything to get us in the house - we knew you were working with the listing agent, etc., to try to help convince them to take our contingency. Once we did get the contingency you kept them in the loop to ensure no surprises." – Robert and Lisa P.

"I like to report on good service I receive whenever I can. As I've blogged, we recently sold our home. One of the motivating factors was to use some of the profits to invest in other real estate.
     Phoenix, AZ, happens to be the hottest appreciating market in the country, right now, and even though the run-up in prices in the last year precludes positive rental cash flow (unless you go in with lots of equity), appreciation should far outstrip the outlay I'll have over the next three years, which is my anticipated holding period.
     So, I contacted my friend Greg Swann, of Bloodhound Realty. Told him I wanted three rentals, but not just any rentals. I wanted relatively new houses, stucco, tile roofs, in nice suburban neighborhoods. In short, I want houses that will attract the cream of the crop in tenants and command market rental rates, even though I may set the price slightly below just to rent them quick. We'll see.
     I also told Greg that I did not want to travel to Phoenix -- not now, not ever! (not really) No, I just want to be able to do everything remotely.
     I'm happy to report that he runs a fantastic turnkey operation for out-of-state investors. First, he referred me to a loan professional who specializes in investor loans. Then, Greg searched out 16 prospective properties and took lots of photos of each. He then recommended three, and, because I'm smart, I went with his recommendation 100%.
     This one, this one, and this one.
     Greg drafted the contracts on Friday, we signed them on Saturday morning, and by Sunday afternoon, we had firm deals on all three. Inspections are scheduled, loans are proceeding, property management will be established very soon.
     All is proceeding very smoothly." – Richard N.

"I met Greg Swann when he was a guest speaker in my real estate class. My husband and I met Cathleen Collins soon after and were impressed by her, as she was one of the nicest, hardest-working and most generous people we'd ever met. Greg was dynamic, energetic, and extremely knowledgable about the housing market. When the time came--about two weeks later--for my husband and I to sell our houses, I knew there was no one else that I would rather have as my Realtor than Greg Swann. I told my husband how impressed I'd been, and he was skeptical, or course. And I admit, I had to wonder as well if Greg was going to be as great as he seemed in class--talk is one thing, but would he be able to help us sell our two houses AND find the right house without taking forever?
     The answer was a definite YES! Greg sold both our houses in less than a week, and Cathleen helped us find the perfect house in the best location for our money--all without feeling frustrated. They both really paid attention to what we were saying and what we wanted. With all the fast action, I had to drop my real estate class to move and pack, but I will definitely NEVER drop Greg or Cathleen as our Realtors. They both went above and beyond the call of duty with everything. If you think you can find a better realty company then Bloodhound Realty, I would ask you: How can you improve upon the best?" – Dr. Mohammed and Mrs. Melissa A.

"I have been astounded at the levels of service that you have provided me and my son as he worked on purchasing his first home at age 23. Your advice and attention, teaching and mentoring have been invaluable. You've made a seasoned home-buyer of him with all the education provided in the course of the project. Your high ethics prevented possible mistakes and have resulted in a home that appears to meet his every need as a live-in owner, property manager, landlord and my needs as an investor. Your service is over-the-top and I will be happy to refer others to you whenever the chance arises." – Sally S.

"After spending every weekend for two years building an entertainer's backyard deciding to sell our home and relocate out of State was a big decision for us. We were anxious about our move and the real estate market in general.
     Being able to see our Realtors truly working on our behalf helped ease our anxiety. Cathleen and Greg at Bloodhound Realty were amazing. Their ability to use the internet to market our home broadened the viewing audience and brought our home to life. All of the fabulous features and character of our home could be seen right from a computer screen. People viewed our home online. Serious prospective buyers came by to view it and noted they had seen it online. In a tough market our home sold in 42 days at a time when the average time on market was 63 days.
     Cathleen and Greg at Bloodhound Realty are true professionals with the skills it takes to sell a home even in a tough market. Should we ever relocate back to the Phoenix area we would most definitely use the services of Bloodhound Realty again." – Brian and Rebecca B.

"During one whirlwind weekend early in 2004, Greg Swann helped me and my husband find just the right Valley home. Because we had never lived in the desert, we weren't sure what we wanted or needed in an Arizona house, but later commented that it was the perfect place for us.
     Our Avondale home was cozy and comfortable yet offered lots of room for company, was located in a great neighborhood, admired for its gorgeous landscaping, especially the backyard, and provided easy access to work, shopping, hiking trails and church.
     Because of Greg's expertise, research and tenacity, by Sunday afternoon we narrowed our choices to a house that had only been listed a few days. He not only gave us his undivided attention and energy for the weekend, he also educated us on the idiosyncrasies of the desert and points of interest around the Valley.
     Two and a half years later, when my husband was informed of yet another job transfer, one of our first thoughts was: We need to call Bloodhound Realty. We knew selling our home would be more difficult than buying it, because the real estate climate had morphed from a seller's market to a buyer's market. And we knew Bloodhound would work hard to create interest in our property. That they did.
     Cathleen Collins took us under her capable wing and hit the real estate road running. Despite the fact that 48,000 other homes glutted the multi-list, we received an offer within two weeks. But that's not the end of the story.
     After the movers packed our belongings and we checked into a motel in our new city, expecting to stay two days until both houses closed, the glitches began. Too numerous to mention, we won't go into the gory glitch details. However, I will say that Cathleen's calm demeanor as well as her determination to stay in constant contact with all the entities involved and to work through the problems got us through a tough time.
     Cathleen and Greg are friendly and capable, intelligent and efficient. They are quick to answer phone calls and e-mails, no matter how mundane or ignorant the questions or comments. Best of all, they are both genuinely great people! Bloodhound Realty is the best!" – Becky L.

"To Greg's Potential Home Buyers,
     My husband and I decided that we wanted to move from the East Coast to Arizona before we married 2 years ago. We did a ton of research; having always been renters, we knew very little about buying a home. Our dream at the time was to move out to AZ and rent for a year while we shopped neighborhoods and got to know the Phoenix Metro area.
     I found Bloodhound Realty on my many Google searches. I first emailed Greg Swann over 6 months before we moved to AZ. We came out and visited to get another look at Phoenix and Greg met with us. I had sent him our original criteria and he showed us houses that matched as well as a few more potential homes. After we flew back to New Jersey, Greg and I kept in contact with each other. I would ask him general questions and he was always happy to answer them.
     I cannot stress this next point enough, it takes a team to get you into a house. Not only did Bloodhound Realty and their team of experts meet our expectations, they exceeded them. If you don't have a great team you will have problems. Thankfully, we didn't have any problems with our first home buying experience, but I know that if we did, Greg and Bloodhound Realty would be there for us.
     Who can say that about their Realtor?
     Greg loves what he does, he embraces your needs and he finds the match that is right for you. He will explain all the ins and outs of Arizona's laws, of the neat facts about the area and help you understand what you can and can't do. He presents you with options and is straightforward and honest. He is cut from a different mold, the model Realtor. This may sound cheesy but, it is the truth. I urge you to use Bloodhound Realty for your home buying or selling needs.
     Happy AZ Home Owners!" – Michelle and Sean F.

"When we were looking to relocate to Phoenix we wanted a realtor who was internet savvy that would be able to work with us from southern california efficently through email or digital photos.
     We found Bloodhound online and made a trip to Phoenix to look around. We didn't have a specific timeline in mind but Cathleen took a day and showed us some homes we had looked at on the MLS. She also told us about an area where new homes were going to be built in the city limits since we didn't want to be further out west or in the outlining areas of Phoenix.
     We selected our new home quickly after viewing the model. She knew we wanted specific things and one of the models was exactly what we were looking for in a floorplan.
     During the entire home building process Cathleen kept in contact with us building an online portal for us to see photos when we were unable to come to do a walk through at various stages in the process. She was incredibly friendly and kind during this long 9-1/2 month process.
     We just closed escrow on March 15th and are getting settled. We truly appreciated everything Bloodhound did for us. They have a very high level of customer satisfaction/service and their knowledge about the real estate laws and building laws for codes in Arizona is an asset especially for people such as ourselves moving into the state for the first time.
     We felt welcomed to Arizona long before we moved and hope to have a continued relationship with Bloodhound in the future. We will definitely recommend them to anyone who asks for a referral to a great realtor." – Michael P and Kathy N

"If it were the beginning of the 20th century, and you wanted to get from here to there, would you give a listen to a guy named Ford trying to sell you a Model T instead of that year's latest, greatest buggy on wheels?
     What Ford did for automobiles, Greg Swann of is doing for real estate. Reinventing the idea. Using the latest technology. And creating a truly new and better, practical and "duh!"-obvious way to get from here to there.
     If you are selling, you'll get a higher price. And a quicker sale. If you are buying, you'll get better property for your money. And you won't spend the first night in your new house awake sick with regret in a cold sweat over what you just did.
     Now there are a few things to know before you visit You'll immediately notice nobody is doing real estate this way. Given the stakes involved, it's only natural to wonder why. So you have to do a little reading. You need to check out Bloodhound's common sense methods against your own experience. And you should pay close attention to the documented and verifiable results Bloodhound gets. Un-fudge-able facts like average days on market. Percentage of asking price attained. Sold-for versus appraisal.
     If you are like most, at some point you just won't care why everyone else in real estate doesn't get it. You'll just want to use all the cards Bloodhound puts in your hand to win every pot in this particular game of real estate poker.
     Of course there is the anxiety of being first and among the vanguard. Traditional brokers will tut-tut you and say "now-now, this is not how real estate works around here." And skeptical neighbors and friends may raise doubts by calling Bloodhound "a little gimmicky." Or "too risky." Or "untested."
     Right, just like that thing Henry invented.
     The fact that the rest of the real estate industry hasn't yet caught on creates an overwhelming asymmetry that so favors's clients--you--that it's actually unfair. It's like that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark--YOU are the one bringing a gun to a knife fight.
     This advantage will not last. Eventually realtors will get up to speed and move to the Model T. But they haven't yet. And in the meantime, has built something closer to a Lamborghini. Hop in. The road ahead is free and clear." – Richard R

"When thinking of buying or selling real estate in the Phoenix area - you won't go wrong with the assistance of Greg Swann and Cathleen Collins of Bloodhound Realty.
     If you are selling, the Bloodhounds will develop and implement a marketing plan that is second to none - anywhere in the country. As a world-class marketer, Greg paints compelling pictures with his eloquent words that just might make you think twice about selling... and Cathleen will ensure your home has been properly staged to help you get top dollar in this competitive market.
     Most importantly, you will receive the unvarnished truth - which you need more than ever in this market. Honesty is not only the best policy - it is their ONLY policy.
     If you are buying, you'll get the very best representation by folks who are committed to YOUR success in the transaction. If integrity is important to you - then you'll be in good hands with Greg and Cathleen.
     For buyers who are relocating to the Phoenix area, you will find the Bloodhounds to be not only knowledgeable of the best areas for you to consider - they'll deliver a comprehensive web presentation that will prepare you for any property you might consider.
     I can not give you a higher recommendation for Greg and Cathleen." – Doug Q

"One of the reviews here states that Greg Swann "invented customized marketing plans for distinctive Phoenix homes."
     I can attest that this is true. I can do so because my distinctive Phoenix home was the one of the first, if not THE first....
     I wasn't new to real estate when I met Greg. But I learned a lot from him. I learned that every other experience I'd ever had with a realtor was a great, great disappointment. And unfortunately, as I don't live in Arizona anymore, I know that every experience I have in the future will be, too. In fact, I JUST listed my home today, the day that I write this review. And I did so with a bit of regret, a bit of sorrow and a bit of fear that the process is NOT going to go as well as it should. It won't, because I now live in Massachusetts, and Greg ain't here.
     I could probably ramble on and on, but I'll get to the real facts, and I'll get on with my night.
     Greg is the most honest realtor you'll meet. He began selling marketing and selling homes in a different way because he knew it was a better way. A way, I'd wager, that actually costs HIM more money. But it's the best way to sell YOUR house, so that's what he does.
     If you're buying or selling in the Phoenix area (or any area he'll work in) you would be making a mistake if you didn't work with Greg. Trust me... I've bet on him twice, and I've put my own name on the line to recommend him to many, many others. And I'll do it again.
     Don't believe me? Email me personally: with any questions." – Ronan D

"When I first met Greg Swann, he was helping a friend of mine find a house in the Phoenix area. During the weekend they were looking, I found a situation on my own with another company that was pitching a rent-to-own scenario. I wasn't comfortable enough with the situation to know if I was being told the truth, or was I getting a scam. That afternoon, when Greg returned with my friend, I told him as much about it as I could, hoping that he would answer my questions. Instead of just answering my questions, Greg accompanied me back to the agent I had spoken to, and proceeded to start asking questions so fast that I got lost in the details of the conversation. After we left, Greg explained what he was able to ferret out from the other agent and then gave me a few suggestions and recommendations to point me in the right direction. During this entire time Greg never asked to be paid for his time or expertise, and would not even let me buy him a cup of coffee.
     Before the weekend was over, Greg had helped my friend make an offer on a house they had looked at. It was then I decided to enlist Greg's help once again, only this time I asked him to represent me as well. That evening with Greg acting on my behalf, we were able to make an offer of our own to the other agent, which a few hours later was accepted. Without Greg's help neither of these transactions would have occurred or have been possible.
     But the story doesn't end there...
     Greg helped set up the necessary inspections, assisted with the paperwork, helped place the financing, was always diligent and attentive to my needs, and was willing to go the extra mile with a smile. He made everything seem easy.
     I thank him for his efforts and cannot say enough about his attitude and professionalism. I have recommended Greg to other members of my family, whom he has taken care of as he did me, and I continue to recommend him to anyone that has a need for an agent or needs any help in the real estate business." – John R

"Back three years ago now, I emailed Greg in Pheonix about buying three rental properties, we spoke on the phone, he got a bead on what I was looking for, and the very next day I had a collection of photos on about a dozen houses.
     He helped me choose three, referred a loan company, and within less than a month we closed on all three -- sight unseen, He then referred a management company and dropped off the keys. Three years later and I have yet to see those houses in person -- and it's my goal to someday have Greg sell them for me -- still sight unseen.
     Top to bottom and wall to wall, Greg's approach was: "what could Richard possibly want" and he went ahead and did it before I even new I might want it. He even paid for a warrantee on all three properties out of his own pocket -- something that would have never occurred to me.
     The bad part? R/E licensing laws that don't permit Greg to operate nationwide. Otherwise, I'd never do an R/E transaction without him at my side, EVER!" – Richard N

"Greg Swann is one terrific Real Estate Salesperson! We chose to work with him with after making several inquiries to other sales people who didn't return our phone calls and emails. From the start, Greg listened to our needs and worked hard to find the right property for us. His use of technology is absolutely amazing! He was available daily when we came to town, spent the time with us that we needed and did his utmost to assist in any way he could. Greg's vast knowledge and experience with tenants was invaluable when searching out an investment property. His vast resources and contacts can also be trusted. Greg really knows Phoenix and the surrounding communities. He goes above and beyond what is expected!
      As a Real Estate Broker, I have watched and worked with many Real Estate professionals through the years. The Bloodhound system of selling properties is second to none; their integrity, ethics, energy and attitudes place them a cut above the rest! As buyers we found Greg to be honest, sincere, knowledgeable, friendly, energetic, resourceful and very professional.
      Would we recommend Greg Swann and Bloodhound Realty? Absolutely! No matter what kind of property one is selling or looking to purchase, Greg Swann is the person to call - Thank you Greg!" – Barb R

"It's Sunday... I didn't expect to hear back from you until Monday. You're an animal! I know a bigfoot executive at a big brokerage here in Atlanta, and when I discussed all the information you've been giving me she got jealous and said she wished just 10% of her agents worked as hard as you. I don't know if that's just the way it works in Arizona or if you're the hardest working Realtor in the state... but I appreciate it." – Ronan D.

"While I realize it's been a long time since you assisted my daughter with her real estate purchase, I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks. You treated her with respect and actively pursued property which met her needs. You didn't treat her like a child and Katie sensed that immediately. You took her seriously (something which did not occur prior to her meeting you). The 'one year guarantee' your company offers has also been a tremendous help to her. I have no doubt that you will be a great success in your real estate business. You certainly have lived up to the "Bloodhound" name of your company. Thanks for helping Katie negotiate her first 'big buy'!" – Margaret K.

"Fantastic! I see that once again you have missed no details. Carola and I thank you for the excellent job you did for us. Everyone I spoke to about how you facilitated this whole house-buying process was just as impressed with your thoroughness and dependability as I was. My conversations with relatives in Arizona who have recently bought homes made it really clear that this level of service and competence is outstanding; well beyond the norm. People are just amazed by the fact that we could initiate this from Germany, come to Arizona for a week one month later and go away with the house deal basically in the bag. You delivered exactly what we wanted." – Mike M.

"Just wanted you to know that the home warranty you bought for us saved our butts. The AC compressor failed completely and the cost of fixing it is $40 with the warranty, $1,500 estimate just for labor without it." – Bruce and Kina S.

"I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help! I appreciate all of the time and energy you put into making this all happen so quickly. I'm really happy to be here and you really went the extra mile to make sure it happened. I wanted to let you know that both the sellers and the escrow officer mentioned to me that you were great to work with, very professional and straightforward. If anyone I know is looking for a home in the area I will definitely give them your name." – Nicole N.

"Thank God our paths crossed! It's truly a pleasure and an honor working with someone who possesses your values and your conviction!" – Daniel S.

"We would just like to tell you how much we appreciate all the hard work you have done on our behalf. You have helped to make this an easy transaction that was a good learning experience and efficient as well. We will definitely refer anyone we know who is looking to buy in Phoenix. Thank you again for all your help. We look forward to seeing you again the next time we are in town." – Brian and Kristen M.

"Just a quick note to compliment you on the quality of your MLS listing on Lundberg. I've been reading Surprise listings all day and your photos and comments are above all others. You've shown me how good an MLS listing can look." – Judy W, Realtor

"I was just playing around on your site (not the blog) and I must say you've created one of the best real estate sites I've seen. Just like a good blog, your personality definitely shines through. Great site!" – Dustin Luther, Rain City Guide

"Many many thanks for everything Bloodhound Realty has done on my behalf, with outstanding representation, attention to detail, and the whole bit. Were I to move back to Phoenix, I would use you folks again in a heartbeat.
     At one point I was contemplating going with a cheaper alternative, but I doubt my home would've sold given the state it was in in August. I am glad in this market that I chose you. Best of luck building your business." – Damon C

"We feel that you and Bloodhound Realty did an excellent job and we are extremely happy that you selected us as one of your clients. Your diligence and hard work were both refreshing and somewhat unexpected given our previous experience with 'traditional' real estate marketing." – Ken G

"I am a real estate broker in Los Angeles, California. I have been following developments at Bloodhound Realty since 2006. All I can say is WOW! Greg Swann at Bloodhound has set the bar very high indeed ... in the way Bloodhound markets listed properties, in the way they service buyer clients, in their technical expertise, in their entire business model. It is amazing, absolutely amazing." – Cheryl J

"Ever wonder if your REALTOR was on the up and up? That won't happen with Greg Swann and Cathleen Collins of They live transparent lives; just Google their names.
     Ask Greg about how he sells houses quicker than most REALTORs; the man INVENTED customized marketing plans for distinctive Phoenix homes. Ask them how they preview the homes for buyers, post the pics on the internet, and analyze them to death so that you don't make the mistake of buying a home you can't afford.
     I'm biased because they are my friends but I refer Phoenix home buyers to them because they perform at a level that is far superior to their competition." – Brian B

"If you want your house sold, you will not find a better listing broker than Bloodhound Realty. Greg and Cathleen are the best I have seen in over 20 years in this business. They don't howl about how great they are, they put their noses down and get your house sold. Don't believe me? Go to and see the comprehensive marketing strategy they deploy for every listing. Every day I thank my lucky stars I don't have to compete with the Bloodhounds here in Houston.
     Greg and Cathleen do not take listings to decorate the internet, they take them so they can put up their famous Sold Sign. I hope you get the chance to get that Sold Sign on your home." – Thomas J

"While I do not sell real estate personally, I spend my days working at an office with them and working online with them to improve their marketing efforts.
     Of all of the REALTORS that I have met over the years, when you meet people like Greg and Cathleen, you remember it. They stand out from the crowd. For me, a review of their business is simple. As a person who works in this industry from top to bottom and who sees the good, the bad, and the ugly, would I use them? The answer: YES. Hands down, yes.
     What it boils down to for me is their integrity and their tenacity. In a world of change, they remain true to the principles of treating people as they would want to be treated and marketing homes as they would have theirs marketed. Simply put, they are good people. They are people whose advice i would trust when buying or selling my home." – Eric B

"Knowing the general market is something many real estate professionals can help you with - Greg and Cathleen excel at this too. But of course you're not buying or selling "the market", are you? You're buying or selling your home and Greg and Cathleen have made it their passion to deliver the most uniquely rich experience they can. Their attention to detail is uncommon and they are fantastically nice people." – Matthew H

"The world of real estate is changing rapidly, and no one pushes for postivie consumer-centric changes harder than Don't believe me? Take this quote from their blog:
     "Like all Bloodhounds, we are smart, frisky and fiercely independent. We are committed to an idea of excellence that will flush the bums, the con-men and the crybabies out of the real estate industry. If you yearn to have your failures excused, your moral lapses absolved or your boo-boos kissed, seek elsewhere. But if you are sick to death of mediocrity -- welcome home."
     Greg and Cathy push Realtors on a national level, but they put their best practices to use in their own backyard, right where their clients can benefit the most." – Teri L

"Greg Swann helped me buy my first house in Phoenix in 2005. He was fantastic, leading me - then a first time home buyer - through the buying process when the Phoenix market was very hot.
     Greg and Cathleen sold that house for me in 2007 (when the Phoenix market was starting to decline). Mine was the last home to sell in that neighborhood before the market went into free fall. It was all because of their help: they supervised repairs, staged it, and sold it for more than I paid for it. They are fantastic.
     I recommend anyone buying or selling in Phoenix to use them. Very professional, very thorough, excellent either on the buying and selling side." – Damon C

"I was fortunate enough to have Greg and Cathleen sell my house last year in record time! In 5 weeks, they transformed my ok house into a dollhouse. Cathleen has such a talent for staging a house and Greg was always there with answers whenever I called him. I have never had such an easy experience with such a scary task. They are both incredibly professional and talented. Thank you both so much for helping me and accomodating my out-of-town schedule, you're awesome and I will use your services again!" – Maria K

"I can't imagine more thorough and helpful service than was given to us by Greg and Cathleen. They both went far above and beyond what was expected. They even went above and beyond 'above and beyond.'
     The listing on their website, the sign, the flyers... all of it was tremendous. I pity the foo' who doesnt use these two pros!" – Dave F

"I do not know Greg as a Real Estate Broker. I knew him as the parent of one of my violin students. What qualities did he display during that time? Total commitment and dedication to his son. He always showed up for lessons-on time- picked up his son-on time- got all the music and necessary equipment-right away- and was willing to invest good money to buy his son a decent violin. He was 100% rooting for his son. And what impressed me most was that he never missed a concert, no matter how busy he was. I believe he puts that kind of dedication and commitment towards his clients.
     Greg has tremendous energy and knowledge. When I need a Real Estate Agent he will be the first one I contact." – Edna B

"I've been an admirer of the talents and ethics of Cathleen Collins for many, many years so when Greg Swann began admiring her talents also, I knew he must be a winner too. He proved me right.
     A few years ago Greg spent hours and hours of quality time with my young son, helping him buy his first house. The education was invaluable. He went way beyond our expectations, referred us to a quality team for financing, helped us with contracting for a cement block wall to bring the home up to the neighborhood standard and generally made us feel great about the house we were buying.
     Neither my son or I would think of going to anyone but Bloodhound Realty for trustworthy, quality, professional service." – Sally S

"Cathleen and Greg are the best! We experienced and benefited from their friendliness, knowledge, dedication, expertise and determination when we bought our home and when we sold it. Though we moved out of state, we remain friends with the Bloodhound crew and recommend them--without reservation--to Phoenix area property buyers and sellers. You can't go wrong with Bloodhound Realty. They'll sniff out the perfect deal for you!" – Becky L

"I can not say enough good things about Greg and Cathleen. Dedicated and honest. I refer them to anyone looking to buy or sell. They are always available. They really live Real Estate. their followup and follow-thru are second to none! You rock." – Mark D

"Greg and his wife Cathleen are not only outstanding real estate agents, but genuinely nice people as well. If you are looking for a hardworking, honest agent (I know, easy jokes here) then look no further than Bloodhound Realty for your housing needs. Greg and Cathleen have helped me and a close friend close 5 properties in the Phoenix area over the last few years, and every time it goes smoothly and Greg makes sure that we are well taken care of. I can honestly state that I will never use another agent in Phoenix unless he retires and tells me who he would recommend. It's hard to find business people that go out of their way to ensure that YOU are taken care of first, and themselves second, but that's exactly what Bloodhound does." – Mike B