About BloodhoundRealty.com: Who we are and how we work

BloodhoundRealty.com is a team of Metropolitan Phoenix/Scottsdale real estate professionals working together to rewrite the rules of real estate sales and service. We combine a high-tech sensibility with high-touch sensitivity — an excitement for the modern with a reverence for enduring values. The internet, surely, is the second best tool a Realtor can deploy — and we use the internet better than any of our competitors. But the best tool — always — is integrity, and without integrity there is nothing.

We believe in clear, detailed, complete communication — and who could doubt that after reading this web site! Where other Realtors hope to dazzle you with pretty pictures, we bend over backward to tell you the whole, unvarnished truth about real estate transactions — how they succeed and why they sometimes fail. It can be a comfort, at times, to ‘leave it to the experts.’ But real estate decisions can have very costly, life-long consequences. If you want to know every detail about your transaction, we’re here to share it.

Our passion is to do the best we can do, to find the best house at the best price, to find the best-qualified buyer for your home, to negotiate the best terms, to help our clients reach the best decisions, making the best possible investment. We’re not about doing deals, we’re about forging relationships. We want for you, as our client, to be so delighted by our efforts that you cannot conceive of working with another Realtor.

Above all, we are about family — yours and ours. And while we might be a small business, there is nothing small — or small-time or small-minded — in the way we do business. We want to be your Realtor for life. We will do everything we can to make that happen.

Who is whom?

Greg Swann, ABR, CBR, CRS, E-Pro, GRI, is a Realtor and the Designated Broker for BloodhoundRealty.com. He speaks frequently on an array of issues and has written a weekly column for West Valley sections of the Arizona Republic. Greg spent many years in hi-tech print and direct-mail advertising production and web-site development before becoming a Realtor. He is a mumbling Latinist, a stumbling applications programmer and a bumbling poet.

Cathleen Collins, GRI, in addition to being a first-rate Realtor, is our transaction coordinator. She keeps the schedules and verifies the details, making sure that transactions close when and as planned. Cathleen’s first career was in financial technology, putting Bloodhound at the technical cutting edge. She devotes most of her spare time and all of her spare money to rescuing unwanted animals — including our Spokesmodel, Odysseus.

Our newest Bloodhound, our niece Maddie Brannum, is a newly-minted real estate licensee. She’s always been a hard-charger and a relentless closer, so she brings a delightful zeal to her work as a buyer’s or seller’s representative. We’re bringing Maddie along to do business our way — putting the client’s interests first — so she and Cathleen are working together to track down every opportunity.

The late, great Odysseus will always be the Spokesmodel for BloodhoudRealty.com. He served as the model for our advertising, but also as the model for our behavior: Devoted. Dedicated. Determined. He is one of many adopted animals who have graced our home, but he was the only one who paid his own way. Click here for a Glamour Shot of Odysseus the Spokesmodel.

Our valued partners

A real estate transaction is a complicated process drawing upon the talents of many dedicated professionals. While the choice of whom to employ is always yours, these are some people we have had great success working with in the past:

Mortgage lenders:
Rich McGuckin
Security Mortgage Corp.

Brian Brady
Brady Lending Group, World Wide Credit Corporation
Mortgage Rates Report Weblog

Escrow agent and title insurer:
Dawn Siddoway
North American Title Company

Home warranty insurer:
Shelley Cuestas
ServiceOne Home Warranties

Home inspector:
Mike Elsberry
Premier Inspectors of America


What does it all mean?

We’re not a one-man band. Inside BloodhoundRealty.com, we bring a broad array of business and technical skills to the table, along with years of practical business experience. Our Partners add their talents — and we only work with the most talented professionals. Together we form a team committed to excellence. Devoted to perfect performance. Dedicated to your interests. Determined to succeed. Absolutely everything we do is devised to exceed the standards that have obtained, until now, in the real estate industry. With every atom of everything we produce, we seek to convey that we are not the same old thing. It is not just our goal, it is our plan and intention to be your Realtor for life

Ready to get started right now?

You can make an appointment to meet in your home or our offices. Or you can request a Comparative Market Analysis of your home’s value. You can fill out our detailed questionnaire to find your ideal new home. Or you can just pick up the phone and dial 602-740-7531. (Outside of Arizona? Dial 1-800-508-5430.) Either way, we’re at your command, devoutly loyal, smart, frisky and eager to please…

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