Straight to the top! Welcome to 1946 East Vista Drive, your practical executive home in the exclusive Lookout Mountainside community

You bearded the lions a long time ago. Slayed the dragon. Wooed the princess. You set a course and sailed, you followed your sword into battle, you blazed a trail where no one before you had ever gone. You barged your way into the workplace a long time ago, fully confident that there was a world there to be won.

This home is that world, both the reward for your efforts and a symbol of your success. You have quite literally shot straight to the top -- in all those hours and weeks and years when you were too busy working to notice. What have you been working for, really, if it's not the style of life a home like this confers upon you?

This is a trophy of your success. Home and hearth, kith and kin -- a fitting place for an intimate family dinner or a stately dinner party. A home small enough to envelop and blanket you, large enough to entertain all your guests, regal enough to speak in silent awe of your enterprise, your thoughtfulness and your understated good taste.

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Where the heart is...

Our homes are structures, shelters, domiciles. But the idea of a residence encompasses so much more than mere tentage - mere respite from heat and cold and wind and rain and the relentless summer sun. If all we needed was a place to escape the elements, we might just as well live in insulated barns.

But your home - your residence - is much more than that. It's love and marriage and family, of course, home and hearth, kith and kin. But at a more fundamental level it is a reflection of who you are, an enduring stake stuck into the earth that declares to all: This is who we are, this is what we believe in and stand for and cherish.

This is not where we live, not how we live. This structure, this shelter, this domicile - this home - is our lives, as much an essential part of what we are as our heads, our hands, our hearts.

Home is where the heart is? A home like this is the beating heart of lives lived wisely and well.

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