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Paint the vision of your future
on this classic canvas from the past...
922 West Culver St., Phoenix, AZ 85007

Carefully-maintained over the years, this stately ranch home in the F.Q. Story Historic District offers you the space--and the spare bathrooms--you don't often find in Historic homes. Built in 1936, the 1,766 square feet of livable space comprise 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms, depending on how you divide the space--and this doesn't even include the huge enclosed Sun Room. The back yard is expansive, and there is a spacious Tool Shed in back. This home is eminently livable as it is, but the real challenge may be for you to take it to the next level. This is your chance to get into a Story home with 'great bones.' You'll be free to make cosmetic upgrades without having to worry about the underlying structure. This is a home that will resound with memories--from its past and from the future you will build here... Offered at $495,000.

(Here's a map to help you find the home.)

Indoors and outdoors meet and merge in this country retreat right in the heart of the city.

A truly livable Historic home...

We spend a lot of time in houses--new houses, older houses, Historic houses.

A newly-built home, whatever it might lack in architecturally-unique charms, will usually be extremely livable. The rooms will be roomy and the floorplan will make sense. The Master Bathroom may be positively palatial.

In many ways, some older houses in Phoenix offer the worst of both worlds: They can be small and yet waste their space on illogical floorplans. There may be two bathrooms, but the Master Bathroom will usually be a cramped three-quarter bath.

An Historic house can be a blessing or a curse from a livability point of view. Many Historic homes are very, very small. They may have been amended with additions over the years, but these will often exacerbate the fundamentally bad logic of the original floorplan. Still worse, a true Historic home will almost always have only one bathroom. If there is a Master Bathroom, it will be found in a Master Suite addition that is every bit as Historic as... a newly-built home.

Worst of all, an Historic home can feel much too much like a starchy costume and much too little like a home. We preserve and restore older homes not because they are old, but because they are--or should be--homes...

This home, 922 West Culver Street, is a home, a secure redoubt against the world, a country retreat in the heart of the city, a space apart from the hurly-burly, a place to come home to. At 1,766 livable square feet--not counting the vast Sun Room--it is not small. And the floorplan works: The public spaces are open and offer open sight-lines; the private spaces are private. Best yet, the home is awash in bathrooms: A full bathroom in the front of the house, a three-quarter bath in the Master Suite and a half-bath off the Kitchen.

But what is much more important, this home is simply livable. Whether you're sitting down to a family dinner in the Formal Dining Room or watching television in the Sun Room, this is a home that is built for living, not just for show.

All of which is not to say that it is beyond improvement. It's in turn-key condition right now. You could move in and not change a thing. But the home is in such great condition that, if you wanted to, you could bring out even more of its Historic beauty with purely cosmetic upgrades.

In other words, you get the best of all worlds: A sylvan country retreat that is as practical as a newly-built home, as storied as any Historic home in the F.Q. Story Historic District, and yet is eminently livable--as you find it, and as you'll make it.

Bliss among the orange blossoms...

Breathe deep when you come to visit this home. It is surrounded by citrus trees, and just now they are blissfully in blossom. The air smells heavenly, and this is appropriate, for you are coming home to a small paradise.

Look at the Elevation and Exterior amidst all those trees. The front yard is so shady, it's hard to believe we're still in Phoenix--even though we're a short hop to the I-10 Freeway and not five minues from Downtown. Take a moment to appreciate the uniquely American qualities of the Classic American Ranch Home.

Step up on the foundation and come into the Living Room, the more formal of the many public spaces in the home. To your right is the Dining Room, a place for family meals or full dinner parties.

Just beyond that is the Kitchen, where you might first express the urge to upgrade. Behind the Kitchen is the Laundry Room and the Back Bedroom, and all three of these rooms could come together to make a truly amazing Gourmet Chef's Kitchen with Butler's Pantry. Or not, since the Kitchen works fine just the way it is.

Back at the other end of the house is the Front Bedroom and the Front Bathroom and Hallways. Joining this part of the house with the Living Room, the Kitchen and the Sun Room is the Sitting Room.

Further along the hallway is the Master Suite, comprising the Master Bedroom, a Master Suite Sitting Room and the Master Bathroom. This is another area that might benefit from remodeling. Everything works together the way it is, but it would be easy enough to turn the Master Bathroom into something more palatial, adding a walk-in closet at the same time.

Growing off the Sitting Room in front and the Master Suite Sitting Room in back is the Sun Room, a much less formal public space that brings the outdoors in while still managing to keep the blistering Arizona heat at bay.

But outdoors is outdoors, as we can see by looking at the Back Yard and Exterior and the Tool Shed. All through the very large lot you will find Gardens and Citrus Trees, an expression of the delights of country living and a practical defense against the heat. And if you should decide you need an even better defense in the form of a pool, you have all the room you need.

Obviously, the best way to see this home is to see it in person, first-hand. But if you like, you can take our Virtual Tour. You can read the full-color Flyer or the full MLS Listing. You can take a look at some of the Neighboring Homes in the F.Q. Story Historic District.

This is such a livable space--and there is so much livable space--that we know our price--$495,000--is a terrific value. But just to make sure, we had the home appraised by Gwen Baker, who specializes in Historic homes. You can read her Appraisal to see her estimate of value: $500,000. Take a look at these Comparable Homes, including the three homes that Gwen used to reach her appraisal.

What we're left with is a home that just works. It works as a completely livable space for you and for your family. It works as a purely financial investment, gaining value in pace with its neighbors. It works as a canvas for you to express your Historic restoration dreams, large or small. And it works as a heavenly slice of paradise--a fortress against the hellish sun and diabolical modernity alike--every square inch of it fragranced by citrus blossoms...

This home is a home. Make it your own today.

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Living Room
Dining Room
Laundry Room
Back Bedroom
Front Bedroom
Front Bathroom and Hallways
Sitting Room
Master Suite
Sun Room
Back Yard and Exterior
Tool Shed
Gardens and Citrus Trees

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Full-Color Flyer
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