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We’re in the midst of the toughest real estate market for sellers since the Great Depression, but we can’t hang onto a listing. Our results for 2008? Every home we listed sold – none cancelled, none expired. Days on market? An average of 43. Our quickest sale was 3 days, our longest 65 days. We list a lot harder than the Realtors we compete against, deploying a full-blown marketing strategy to get your home sold – as quickly as possible and for top-dollar.

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The Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service is the database of real estate listings shared among Phoenix-area Realtors. Only Realtors have access to this information. You can click here to search Residential MLS listings. Jot down the seven-digit MLS numbers of any homes you are interested in and include them when you fill out the form to find your perfect new home.

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BloodhoundRealty.com services the entire Valley of the Sun, but our practice was founded on the idea that the Central Core of Phoenix will become the hottest suburb ever. If you can picture an area bounded by Bell Road to the north, Washington to the South and 19th Avenue and 44th Street to the west and east, this is the general area we think of as The Bloodhound Farm. We believe that the homes in The Bloodhound Farm are poised for great appreciation — great even by the normally high appreciation rates that obtain in the Phoenix area. We think this is a great time to buy in the Central Core, but it’s also a great time to sell, to move up to that dream home that may soon be out of reach.

The simple reason is demographics. When the kids were young, mom and dad had great reasons for moving out to Mesa or North Scottsdale or Arrowhead. Now the youngest is off to school, and they both have a long commute to a big, empty house. Meanwhile, as the population of Phoenix increases, the pressure to build vertically mounts — something we have done rarely and badly until now. And finally, people of significant means are discovering the elemental comforts of in-town living, whether in big, rambling ranch homes or in new homes constructed on two or more conjoined lots. Living in the city brings a kind of urbanity and sophistication Phoenix has, until now, mainly sought to avoid.

We want to be a strong listing real estate practice, and we want to list in vast abundance in The Bloodhound Farm. Find out what we can do for you: Make an appointment for us to meet in your home, and we will show you every great marketing tool we will deploy to sell your current home and help you buy the next one — or to help you snap up investment properties so you can take advantage of future appreciation in The Bloodhound Farm.

What’s new down on The Bloodhound Farm?

We are net-savvy like no Realtor you’ve ever known. We have an internet searching robot (a bot) that generates a daily hotlist of properties listed for sale in The Bloodhound Farm. Not just new listings but also price changes, expirations, cancellations — and, most importantly, sales. It’s like a daily business journal of real estate in Central Phoenix. We can custom-craft a bot like this just for you — a hostlist of just the homes and neighborhoods you’re interested in. Working with it, you can make intelligent estimates of your home’s value and its likely time on market. Or you can keep an eye on a property you’d love to own. If you’d like to be privy to this valuable information, send us an email. We’ll add you to the daily mailing list — your email address will be kept secret, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. But with your version of The Bloodhound Farm daily hotlist, every morning with your coffee you can discover the latest real estate news in The Bloodhound Farm.

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You can make an appointment to meet in your home or our offices. Or you can request a Comparative Market Analysis of your home’s value. You can fill out our detailed questionnaire to find your ideal new home. Or you can just pick up the phone and dial 602-740-7531. (Outside of Arizona? Dial 1-800-508-5430.) Either way, we’re at your command, devoutly loyal, smart, frisky and eager to please…

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