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Blogoff retrospective: Picking through everything and picking out the ones I like . . .

I finally made time today to read all of my posts in the Sellsius 101 Blogoff Challenge, correcting any errors I spotted and commenting where I had something to add to the conversation.

Jim Cronin of The Real Estate Tomato had asked me which posts I thought were my best and worst. I didn’t think any were horrible. There were plenty that I would not have done were it not for the contest, and others I might have done at greater length in different circumstances. I was gratified to show off many of my columns from the Arizona Republic, because they present a very hands-on approach to real estate.

Here are a few that I think stand out:

Blogoff Post #1: Cry, ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the war of blogs: “So, although there may be a lot of blog entries posted in this contest, I don’t think there will be any wasted entries. Your attention will be repaid with knowledge, insight, wisdom and, one hopes, grace.”

Blogoff Post #39: Work for passion, not money: “An admirable poverty is only admired from the outside. From the inside, eventually, it can come to be a tailor-made hell.”

Blogoff Post #45: Real estate weblogging? Yo, Shlomo! Cut back on the promo: “The bottom line is, if you start to look like spam to me, I’ll start to treat you like spam. How is that to your advantage…?”

Blogoff Post #50: Real estate weblogging? Write about blogging: “We become a forum, an agora — blog to blog, within a blog and within our own minds, solitarily engaged in the most blaringly public of debates.”

Blogoff Post #90: Stupid mistakes of the newly self-employed: “The only benefit I can think of to having a job is that there’s always someone to tell you to get busy. Not so for the self-employed. If you don’t learn to monitor and manage the hours of your days, you’ll be back on the clock in no time.”

Truly, time will tell: I link back to earlier posts all the time. We’ll know how these hold up by how I reference them in the future.

Thanks to everyone for being a part of this!

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